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Contact In The Desert: UFOs, Conspiracies & Disclosure

Contact in the Desert: What do UFOs, Conspiracies and Disclosure Have to do with Me?

We have been posting for quite some time about the “fringe” topics of UFOs, conspiracies and disclosure in the context of the secret space program and have noticed that many people are not as fascinated by this as we are. I would imagine this is because people regard the topic as not being relevant to their busy lives. Polls show more than 65% of people believe that we are not alone and that “flying saucers are real.” However, one can imagine people wondering, “Information on UFOs is all very well and good but what does it have to so with my life?” The answer? “Quite a bit more than you might think.” 

The Relevance of Conspiracy Theories

What’s a conspiracy theory? The term “conspiracy theorist” was created by the CIA in the 1960’s specifically to ridicule people who were getting uncomfortably close to figuring out what was actually going on in covert operations. A few embellishments have been added over the years so now we use “Tinfoil Hat Conspiracy Theorist” to describe someone who is paranoid and delusional, taking futile measures in an attempt to protect themselves from an imaginary enemy. But what if they are right?

The Big “What If?”

In light of recent events, previously trusted government institutions are being called into question. Who can you trust? How deep does the Rabbit Hole go? It might be worth a deeper look. What if seemingly unrelated conspiracy theories are in fact tightly bound to an underlying truth which has been kept secret for more than 60 years? What if advanced technologies have that would benefit the quality of life for every human being have been suppressed since they were discovered?

Profit-Driven Secrecy
It doesn’t require any great stretch of the imagination to understand that newly patented technologies might be bought up and kept off-market for the sake of profit. It is fairly easy to understand how corporate profit motive can win out over humanitarian benefit in the current economic climate. Once a person accepts that basic premise, it sheds a new light on old assumptions about what’s true.

Extraterrestrial Over Unity Technology and Quality of Life

The Global Energy Network Institute has shown that access to energy and quality of life are strongly correlated. We have been told that “over unity devices” are impossible and fraudulent due to the Law of Conservation of Energy. However, it appears that certain advanced technologies are able to tap into abundant energy sources with minimal cost.  Whether a person believes such devices were discovered/invented by clever developers or through reverse-engineering of extraterrestrial craft, is a minor quibble when considered in terms of the potential benefits to mankind.

Dr. Steven Greer and Full Disclosure at Contact in the Desert

One of the major proponents of full disclosure and the release of energy technologies previously held secret is Dr Steven Greer. Dr. Greer will be showing his recently released documentary, “Unacknowledged” at this year’s Contact In The Desert. We expect Dr. Greer’s presentation to be a major highlight of this year’s conference.

Notable Presenters at Contact in the Desert

In addition to Dr. Steven Greer, this year’s conference brings back many familiar faces as well as new voices. George Noory will be moderating and we are looking forward to the latest developments with David Wilcock & Corey Goode.  We expect to be richly entertained by Erich Von Daniken & Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, and learn new wisdom with Graham Hancock, Michael Tellinger, Jim Marrs, Linda Moulton Howe, Richard Dolan, Laura Eisenhower, Brien Foerster, James Gilliland, Patty Greer with co-moderation by Alan Steinfeld.

We are curious what we will be hearing from Robert Schoch, Sen. Mike Gravel, Robert Bauval, Andrew Collins, Jacques Vallee, Chris Hardy, Whitley Strieber, Michael Dennin, Scott and Susan Ramsey, Nick Pope, Michael Salla, Mike Bara, Carl Lehrburger, Sasha and Janet Lessin, Jason Martell, Jimmy Church, Clyde Lewis, Jeremy Corbell, JJ and D Hurtak, Brad Olsen, Dr. Dream, Sherry Wilde, John DeSouza, Kathleen Marden, Kim Carlsberg, Joel Wallach, Melinda Leslie, Steve Murillo, Jason Quitt, Robert Perala and Barbara Harris.

This year’s Contact in the Desert promises to be a wild ride into a new reality. Stay tuned.


Standing Rock Update: International Indigenous Movement

Standing Rock: International Indigenous Movement

The Standing Rock No DAPL encampment has been bulldozed and oil is expected to flow through the Dakota Access Pipeline this week. While this may be regarded as a loss for environmental water quality and is contested as yet another broken treaty for Native Americans, it has brought international attention. The legal technicalities of whether or not the pipeline constitutes a violation of the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851 depends of who you ask and how far back in time you go. However, the greater issue of sacrificing water quality for thousands of people downstream remains

Recently the most widely read newspaper in France published an article detailing the issues from the perspective of an international indigenous movement. Entitled: “Standing rock, c’est la lutte tribale” (translation available onsite) the article examines the larger issues of the struggles of indigenous people worldwide, and the choices to be made. It details the genocide, religious and cultural reprogramming efforts and intentional malnutrition brought to bear on the Sioux Nation.  Beyond the Standing Rock protest, the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) is working internationally in the interests of all indigenous peoples.

International Indigenous Movement

Abraham Lincoln hanged 38 Sioux the day after Christmas in 1882. Most Americans are unaware of this.

Throughout the protest, the corporate news media has sought to control the narrative with “fake news” stories and skewing of facts. Simultaneously, producers have been working to document the situation from the Native American perspective with such documentaries as “Awake, A Dream From Standing Rock” (reviewed here) (streamable here). The opposition wasted no time in coming out with a countering narrative.

Although the corporate media narrative and the legal system cite unfairly enforced legal technicalities as justification for their positions, the good news is that the larger issues are being examined for what they are: Selective advancement of destructive corporate agendas for the sake of profit, which externalize costs onto indigenous people and the environment. To understand why this keeps happening, please watch the video below: 

People who want to know more about Native American activism and how to support it can find out by clicking the following link: http://www.diversitybestpractices.com/news-articles/top-native-american-organizations-to-know


Historical Paradigm Shifts

Historical Paradigm Shifts: Feudalism, Capitalism & Informationalism

historical paradigm shiftsIn order to clearly understand the forces coming into play in current and future paradigm shifts, it can be helpful to examine historical paradigm shifts. In the Futurica Trilogy provides just such an analysis. The authors show how the concept of God changes in the historical paradigm shifts from Feudalism to Capitalism. “In Feudal times, God was (in mobilistic terms) an assumed constant who’s existence was unquestionable…With the transition to Capitalism, the fixed structures which supported the concept of God collapsed…The authority of both Monarchy and Church rested ultimately upon the existence of something call ‘god’ with a capital G. God was the assumed constant and could therefore never be called into question under any circumstances. If doubt were allowed to spread, the whole power structure would have been in danger of imploding. As a result, of obstinate denials of any movement in the assumed constant and unwillingness to surrender the claims of religion,  Atheism was elevated to the status of a new axiom and became an oppositional and effective tool for the acquisition of power by the developing Bourguoise.” In other words, power in the old paradigm rested upon certain assumed constants and the historical paradigm shifts to the new paradigm revealed these were not ‘immutable truth’ but merely assumed and when this was shown to be the case, power previously held by church and monarchy shifted elsewhere.

The authors speculate that Czar Nicholas might have been able to avoid the Bolshevik Revolution by denouncing the authority of the Russian Orthodox Church, but could not, as doing so would undermine the basis of his own legitimacy as ruler. Consequently, he became a scapegoat when power shifted away from church and monarch to capital (whether or not it resided in a Capitalist or Communist system).

Historical Paradigm Shifts: Power Transfer From Feudalism To Capitalism

historical paradigm shifts feudalismIn Feudalism power lay in the land. This was inherent and had no price tag. In Capitalism power lay in capital. When the historical paradigm shifts occurred, aristocracy was revalued in terms of capital and the moneyed Bourguoise were able to purchase and renovate the estates formerly held by the feudal power class. Indeed, for a while it made sense the two classes to intermarry, as one could contribute their noble name in exchange for the other contributing their money and thus increase the standing of both families for different reasons. Paradoxically, the legal preconditions for the ascendancy of the Bourgoise were created through the attempts of the Aristocracy to preserve itself through state protection of private fortunes.

Eventually, the Bourgoise rewrote history in a way that portrayed the aristocracy and church as quaint relics of the past which had inevitably collapsed due to the newly assumed innate superiority of their own class and its nation-state. To quote the authors, “Man became God, science his gospel, the nation-state his paradise and capital his holy instrument of power.”

Historical Paradigm Shifts: Power Transfer From Capitalism To Informationalism

historical paradigm shifts capitalismTrue to form, a similar pattern of historical paradigm shifts is showing up in the current transition from Capitalism to Informationalism (Netocracy). It is the very attempts by the Bourgoise to preserve their capitalistic power by controlling copyright and patent through legislation and law enforcement that provide the Netocracy with the legal basis for assuming power.

Curiously enough, this resulted in Etatism or belief in the State, governed by democratically elected representatives as the current form of ‘divine right’ that was previously accorded to royalty.  This was reinforced by the media, first in the form of newspapers and later as radio and television. While maintaining the appearance of freedom, these instruments of information dissemination were in fact, tightly controlled (at least in the beginning).  As market forces came into play and the need to appeal to wider audiences became clear, media began to have a voice independent of the existing power structure. (An example of this was the British ‘pirate’ radio stations playing American rock and blues in stark contrast to the BBC playlists).

The media has become a power unto itself, usurping power from the State. This can be seen when television and movie stars come out for or against certain political decisions. Previously, this would have been unheard of.  Nowadays the media assumes the role of keeping politicians in line. It has become quite conventional to assume that all politicians are corrupt and deplorable (whether they actually are or not). The problem is that in order to keep audiences engaged, the media must continue to create sensational scandals and has the side-effect of a cynical populace who sees no point in voting. What happened? The media quietly took control of the state. This explains quite a lot. A media star is now president; one that knew of the media’s need for drama and was expert at providing it, thus getting free coverage throughout the election.

Decision makers within the media are not elected officials. Consequently, it appears that if the media is literally running the show, it amounts to the death of democracy.  Fortunately, the media networks are not the only channels available to people. The internet serves as an alternate channel. The problem is that most users are not fully conversant in the technology. With the transition to Informationalism, power is tied to technological mastery. It also appears that with informationalism, power is shifting from democracy to a plurarchy. What’s the difference? In democracy an individual is subject to the decisions of the group. In plurarchy, the individual is no longer subject to the whims of the group, but is largely self-determined and power comes with mastery.

historical paradigm shifts



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