Dakota Access PipeLine Update: It’s Not Over Yet

In a recent interview, Dan Sheehan, Attorney for the Lakota Water Protectors, revealed the latest progress regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline. (The main points covered in the video are summarized below it). https://youtu.be/0zUUmxJb_8o

A Federal Judge ruled that completion of DAPL is illegal. Environmental issues were not addressed. The company lied and prepared a completely false report suggesting there would be no disparate impact on a racial minority, completely ignoring the impacts on the Lakota people. In addition, a security company, Tiger Swan, engaged in deceptive reporting to gain business.

Who is Tiger Swan?

Tiger Swan was originally a government contractor helping train military and law enforcement personnel who expanded their business laterally to corporate America. Former Delta Force Col James Reese, the Co-Founder and CEO saw an opportunity. Tiger Swan came in and lied to the State Police, the National Guard in North Dakota and the Sheriff’s Department, attempting to frame the water protectors as Jihadist terrorists that were attempting to blow up the pipeline. This justified a huge military operation. Internal documents have come out indicating this was Tiger Swan’s plan to frame everything as a demonstration.

None of the oil is going to the USA, but will be sold on the international market solely to profit the shareholders of Energy Transfer Partners.

A lawsuit will be filed to show that:

  • The property was owned by the Lakota People,
  • The charges were false and that
  • The water protectors were targeted by a criminal conspiracy.

The lawsuit will ask that all charges be dismissed against the Water Protectors.

Instead charges will be filed against Tiger Swan and Energy Transfer Partners and the Dakota Access Partners (who hired Tiger Swan).

Please visit: lakotalaw.org and sign the petition.