Finally, our 2 Hour Private Experience in the Giza Pyramid!

PyramidsAllWake-up call is it 4:30 AM, to get ready for the last day of our Spiritual Adventure Journey in Egypt, where we will have a 2-hour Private Experience in the Giza Pyramid! This private visit has been arranged by the owner of the tour company, Mohammed Nazmy of Quest Travel, who has facilitated this amazing Spiritual Adventure Journey to Egypt. What a “Private Visit” means is that only our group, us 5 women, will be journeying inside the pyramid. We will be totally by ourselves and not even with our guide, from 6 AM – 8 AM.  Only after we emerge out of the pyramid at 8 AM, will the public will be let inside.

In the previous few days, I have engaged in my own personal preparation for this last epic day. My inner knowing and guidance informs me that this is going to be a major activation for me. I get the sense this experience will solidify a deep alignment and major commitment from my soul and my higher self, to my next cycle in life, to bring forward inPyramidDiagram full force the next chapter of my Divine Mission and life manifestation.

It feels similar to an experience I had now almost 40 years ago, when I was 22 years old. At that time, I went by myself into nature to go into very deep prayer and speak to God/Goddess. I called forth sacred space and shared in spirit and to myself, that I knew I was on the planet to be of deep service and I was fully now ready and prepared for what I was supposed to do in regards to that service. It was shortly after sacred moment that potential of creating Harmony Festival manifested. I then produced the Festival in Santa Rosa for 33 years, from 1978 – 2011, where it has literally touched P1010363millions of people, and drew 30,000 people that last year in 2011. And now in 2016, I am at a whole other stage of life and ability to contribute. The world is also now at a critical transformational place, so I can honestly share with you, I feel this happening at a whole other level.

A “Private Visit” is highly advantageous for really experiencing the pyramid or any sacred site. It’s very different at the sites when there are lots of tourists walking around with cameras, looking at the surface of these amazing structures. But if you are allowed to go in and connect with the sacred site in a private way, you can tune into a whole another deeper level. You can let the site speak to you sharing its true energetic field, and also let your intuition and inner guidance bring you information and inspiration. And if you are lucky enough to be able to do ceremony/prayer, and consciously raise your spiritual energy within it, it is P1010307a whole other experience!

Having the type of totally “Private Experiences” that we have had to date, where we’ve actually been able to do ceremony at the sacred sites, has been extremely fortunate. Because even though with good connections and some cash, one can arrange for private visits, but they typically do not let you do ceremony in the temples. I have found this true unfortunately as well, in other major sacred sites like the Mayan Temples in the Yucatán. In this case Egypt is a Muslim country, and not only do they do not condone Ceremony/New Age/Spiritual Practice in the sacred sites, and they stop it because they consider it P1010303Paganism. But synchronistically, with our impeccable timing, the leniency of the guards, and everything else has lined up, we have been allowed do ceremony/meditation/activations at these sacred sites.

We leave from the Mena House Hotel in the dark and travel only about 5 minutes, ending up at the base of the Giza Pyramid. Amro , our guide, tells us to leave our cameras in the car, as they typically will inspect our bags before we go in. But for some reason, I see beyond that request and I keep my camera in my pack. This is too good of an opportunity to not have my camera!

We get out of the van and immediately find out that the inspector that’s been chosen toP1010243 supervise us, while we’re there for our private visit , is a very good friend of Mohammed, and our tour guide Amro. Amro greets him with an enthusiastic hello and a hug and there’s obviously good vibes in the space.

We start climbing at the base of the pyramid up to the middle where there’s an opening. The inspector and Amro are still chatting it up like good old friends. And we get escorted into the pyramid, and no one checks our bags, so the cameras in!

Amro shares with us that he has spoken with the inspector, and we are going to be able to go into the very bottom chamber of the pyramid. This is below the P1010249base of the pyramid where they have found a deep hole that potentially goes other places. He says they typically never let anyone go down there, but again we get specially treated get to have this experience!

We start in a crouching forward motion, heading down a long tunnel that is about three quarters my size, was small consistent steps. We continue and continue down a long way, and now we come to another a tunnel that half my size. It’s a bit of a mental exercise to not get claustrophobic or basically freaked out, and just continue on towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

And then finally the space opens up and we are in the Underground Chamber. Amro has shared with us that we should embrace this experience that like we are going into our subconscious. He say “See this as going on underworld journey, where you need to P1010255descend into and create a healthy relationship with your subconscious, before ascending to the higher level, into the Queens and Kings chamber above.” This is obviously pointing to a metaphor for spiritual ascension, so we embrace this fully. We explore around the chamber, then gather in circle, open up our energy fields, and pray, feeling strong energy as well as our deep excitement. Then of course, as always, we take lots of pictures, and then proceed to climb back up through the narrow tunnels to head up to the Queens Chamber.

P1010263We journey all the way back up to around the central and middle of the pyramid, and see the passageway that will lead into the Queens Chamber, the next level up. Amro has shared that we can experience the Queens Chamber as connecting with the Divine Feminine. This tunnel heading upward the Queens Chamber is another the long series of steps in a tunnel that is again is half my height, dark, and is very far. Again, another metaphor that spiritual journey is not always an easy path. But in this case, turn around and look at it that it’s great Core Strength work! … And helpful since we have been treated to a great abundance of absolutely delicious Egyptian food this whole trip!

We enter the Queens Chamber in deep respect and reverence. We are going to spend about 20 minutes, leaving us the final hour to be in the Kings Chamber. We again spent time on our own feeling the energy and connecting with the space personally. It is P1010299-001absolutely amazing being here, and sensing the history that lives in this chamber. We gather in circle, pray/tone/speaker hearts and pay our respects to the sacred feminine. And then of course we take lots of pictures, and then prepare to go up to our final destination, the Kings Chamber.

This time before us there is a long tall cavern, headed straight up with multiple steps, which will be the last treck before reaching the King’s Chamber. As we arrive, we all entered one by one in reverence, respect, and awe. It is a very large stone chamber, with the majestic P1010296sarcophagus sitting at the far end. We immediately each go into our own personal space, feeling the energy, exploring all aspects of chamber, tuning into spirit, and internally diving into the reason that we chose to be there at that time. I consciously tune in to open up my energy field more and more. There is a thick vibration, a somber peace, a knowing that goes beyond time and space of that moment.

Eunjung suggest that we all take time to go P1010275to the sarcophagus and express ourselves, with whatever were meant to come here and do. She first puts the recorded prayer from Eunjung’s partner Yves inside the Sarcophagus. Yves was not able to join us physically in our final ceremony inside the Great Pyramid because he was not able to fly out of Luxor due to his vertigo symptoms. That morning, he connected with our ceremony from Luxor and had Eunjung play his prayer for him as well as toning and prayers from some of his closest spiritual male friends to hold divine masculine energy in the King’s Chamber. We take turns to go into the sarcophagus.

When it became Anah’s turn, she stands behind the sarcophagus and starts to tone. Then she sings with such depth, power and beauty, what sounds like an intricate Hawaiian chant , that it feels like she’s speaking the voice of the whole people, soul tribe. She completes and then gets in the sarcophagus and lays down. After a few minutes of cooking in the sarcophagus, she gets up wide-eyed and glowing. She shares with me later that the whole trip. She’s been trying to remember the words to that chance and they wouldn’t come to her until she P1010278stepped up to the sarcophagus and then it was all there. Clearly, it was meant for the Kings Chamber.

Then it’s my turn. I go behind the sarcophagus and tune into my truth of who I am, what my purposes, and why I’m here right now on this magical journey to Egypt in the Kings Chamber. I can feel a column of light running though my body and energy body, that extends down to Mother Gaia and up to the heavens. And I know it’s time to speak my truth, right here and right now.

P1010282“I know I am here at this time on the planet to assist the graduation/transformation/evolution that is taking place right now on the planet and within our human consciousness. I am fully committed in spirit to implement my Divine Mission, to step forward to do what is mine to do, and effectively supporting the Transfiguration that is happening now. I am also here to support others in fulfilling their Divine Mission. And with that, in high collaboration, we work together, and gracefully evolve forward during these revolutionary times. I am also fully committed to continue to do my spiritual inner work, so that I am of the highest frequency to receive guidance and support from my Spiritual Guide Team, and be able to implement manifestations at the greatest level. I also call in deep connections with my past life P1010287lineage in Egypt, including all my memories, wisdom, knowledge and spiritual abilities. I am clear that I will see the doors in front of me to opportunities of the next stages, and I will walk through them with strength, dedication and gratitude. With much sincerity, surrender, appreciation and love, I am DEBRA”

I then climbed in the sarcophagus and laid down. I let the power of my declaration, and the immense energy that I was feeling, be totally what was present for me. I laid there for about 3 – 4 minutes and then felt it was time to get up. I went to the side of the room and sat meditation. Frequently when I’m in sacred space and open up my energy field, I feel a transmission of energy that comes in my palms, then in my feet and other energetic openings in my body. And I felt this happening now and it got very, very strong.  I stayed in meditation and let the P1010294energy, come in. I knew this was gonna be very powerful Activation.

The lights went on and off. We knew that it was probably 8 AM and we were supposed to be down at the opening to the outside, heading out. So that was probably the guard at the front telling us to get our butts out of there. Timing in spirit and 3-D reality don’t always seem to agree, but at this point we knew we needed to honor the special privilege that we received and get back. We all rushed gathering our stuff, took a few more pictures, and then left. We later found out upon looking at the pictures that there were lots of orbs photographed, which totally made sense. Check out the orbs in the pictures above and especially the one at the bottom taken by Anah!

P1010332At 8 am we still have the whole day, so we enjoy the tourist thing to do, which is ride a camel.But we are really still in a whole other reality!

I got the sense that the Activation Energy that I was receiving would last for 24 hours, and I was right. I went back to my room and laid down and just let the energy continue to come through. I went to sleep for about an hour or so. I woke up wanting to get up and get active and explore some where for my second to the last day in Egypt, but I couldn’t get up. The energy was so intense I needed to just lay there. And finally towards the end of the day it lightened up and enough time for me to get dressed up and ready for our Final Dinner with a group in a special room at the Mena House.

P1010389Most of us wore the traditional dress of Egypt for dinner which is called the Gallibaya. Dinner was elegant, heart full, and very yummy. We reminisced, laughed, and celebrated.  We all knew we were comng to the end of our journey, and we savored these last few moments. We knew this was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that we wanted to create again. And we also want to share this opportunity with family/friends/soul tribe, and especially those that we know who feel called to make the journey back home to Egypt.

There will be one more entry on this blog, as there is one more day for me now before I leave to go back home. That will be a day for summarizing, reflection, and getting to the bottom line of why was here and what I’m bringing home with me.

And check out these orbs! Photos from Anah.










Next 3 Days at Sakkara Pyramid, Alexandria, Old Cairo, Whirling Dervishes

We spend the next 3 days taking fun and very interesting excursions from the Mena House in Giza, to the Sakkara Pyramid, the port city of Alexandra, Old Cairo, and a performance of Dervish musicians and spinners.SakkaraStepPyramid2

And during the 3 days, we are all in great anticipation of the 4th day, our final day of the trip, when we have a private 2 hour visit in the great Giza Pyramid. This will be the last of our major 3 sacred ceremonies that we will perform at the Heart of 3 Sacred Sites in Egypt, the first two being the Isis Temple in Philea and the Isis Temple at the Temple of Hathor in Dendara.  We foresee that this experience in the pyramid will be a cumulation of all the experiences we have had so far, as well as receiving spiritually, what each of us have specifically come to Egypt for and we believe the experience at the pyramid will be a new beginning for all of us. It will also be day 13 in the final day of the Stargate Meditations which we Sakkarra2have been doing consistently each day. The 13th Meditation is designed to support the creation of New Earth.

The Step Pyramid in Sakkara was masterminded in about 2630 B.C. by Imhotep, who was the architect to King Djoser (Dynasty III).  Imhotep is recognized as the world’s first named architect and doctor as well as a scribe, priest, astrologer, vizier and chief minister. The Step Pyramid at Sakkara is the world’s oldest freestanding stone structure, and consists of six tiers atop a mastaba, or low, oblong tomb, faced with cut stone. It was also the first pyramid that a Pharaoh built as their sacred temple and tomb, and initiated a Djoserlong history of building pyramids after that.  Another 16 Egyptian kings built pyramids at Sakkara, which are now in various states of preservation or dilapidation.

Amro , our amazing guide, shares with us that Pharaoh Djoser is also very significant in Egyptian history, because he was the first Pharaoh to specifically integrate spirituality with leadership. He initiated the evolution of the Egyptian Pharaohs and their governing principles, to be very aligned and in harmony with their spiritual beliefs, wisdom and power. And this began a long history of pharaohs and the governing bodies of Egypt, ruling with the power and wisdom of spirit.

This struck a deep chord with me, because one of the most prominent themes of ancient Egypt, as well as other ancient cultures around the world, is how deeply ancient people incorporated and utilized spiritual knowledge and practice at the core of their lives. The high priests and priestesses were the ruling government and made decisions that evolved a very productive and prominent ancient Egyptian society.spacehsips

It makes sense to me how what seems to us now as miraculous, such as building gigantic temples or the Giza Pyramid, which we still cannot accomplish in this modern world, could be accomplished by working in multidimensional spiritual realities, and for example, being open to assistance from the Galactic Civilizations that visited the earth at that time. As we saw in our travels, the Temples do show hieroglyphics of airplanes, potentially spaceships, and other information P1000861that indicates there may have been a strong connection between the Egyptians and the Galactic’s.  It allows me to imagine how the world could be, or can be, if there was positive integration of spiritual principles and abilities into our world governing organizations.

And my little girl inside of me got to ride a horse at the Sakkara Step Pyramid, and flash what it was like to ride the desert back in ancient Egypt!

We then visit Dahshour area where the White, Black & Red Pyramids are. This area was closed for over 25 years and just opened recently for visitors and considered to be one the Virgin alexandria-Historical sites that still keeping its own powerful & light energy in it.

The 2nd day we had a sweet day off on a Friday, which is the holy day for Egyptians, like our Sunday. Mohammed  Nazmy, took us on a 2 ½ hour journey to Alexandria, which was founded in 331 BC by Alexander the Great, and is Egypt’s largest seaport. We had a delicious lunch at a beautiful restaurant that was built right over the sea. The we shared delicious Egyptian desserts and sweet simple family time connecting and sharing within our group in an apartment that looked of the sea coast.

El-Moez StreetThe 3rd day we went to Old Cairo and experienced St. Sergi church where the holly family was hidden while they were in Egypt. We also visited the oldest Synagogue in Cairo, and the Refaai mosque.  El-Moez Street is one of the oldest streets in Cairo, approximately one kilometer long and it is like an open air museum. What’s so lovely is that this is where the Egyptian people do their lives. We slowly strolled “like an Egyptian” and got to experience all the various shopkeepers offering all their wares and services, as well as the beautiful Egyptian people/families/couples/teenagers/ children all doing their lives. We P1010129were the only obvious tourists with our light skin and cameras, and took advantage of the some of the fun tourists experiences like put on Egyptian costumes. And the Egyptians were very friendly and happy to engage us and trade taking pictures of each other. And the Egyptian people are truly so very beautiful inside and out!

Then the icing on the cake was the evening performance of Sufi whirling (or Sufi spinning), which was a fascinating show of Sufi music with various drums, finger cymbals and other various musical instruments, along with singing, chanting, and spinning. Spinning is a form of Sama or physically active meditation which originated among Sufis, and which is still practiced by the Sufi Dervishes of the Mevlevi order. It is a customary dance performed within the Sema, or worship ceremony, through which dervishes aim to reach the source of all perfection, or kemal. This is sought through abandoning one’s nafs, egos or personal desires, by listening to the music, focusing on God, and sufispinnersspinning one’s body in repetitive circles, which has been seen as a symbolic imitation of planets in the Solar System orbiting the sun as explained by Sufis.

This was a highly significant experience for me as well, because not only do I feel am I Egyptian in my past lives (or in my past spiritual lineage), I sense I was also a Dervish. I was initiated into the Sufi order at 24 years old by Pir Valayat Khan, and I have spun my whole life. Just like the performers tonight I can spin for 30 minutes without getting dizzy.

I do sense this spiritual pilgrimage I’m on is to not only integrate the wisdom and knowledge of my Egyptian past lives, but to also integrate the peak wisdom and abilities of all my past lives to be available to be utilized in these very important evolutionary times that we are in now. And my sense is I feel like our journey into the pyramid on the last day will be assimilating that goal.




A day to Pause… Reflect on my Group… Then Travel back to Cairo

Today we leave the Afandina boat  in the amazing town of Luxor, Egypt and end our magical journey cruising on Egyptmapthe Nile. We fly to Cairo to begin the last 3rd portion of our journey. It’s good to have a day to pause and just be in “normal reality” as a traveler, having had such outrages and deep ongoing extraordinary Spiritual Adventures. Our group stays together most of the day to accomplish the journey.

And it’s amazing to reflect on the magic of our group. We are all very different in personality, personal focus, and how we do life, but there’s a common spiritual bond that we are highly committed to that which has brought us together to receive the gift of this magical Spiritual Adventure Journey. We also laugh a lot, and actually we laugh consistently, which is really, really good considering we are also in ongoing deep spiritual focus, transmissions, and receiving what we all have come here to receive.

P1010019We have received invaluable support and guidance of Mohammed Nazmy, owner of Quest Travels, to make sure our comfort, safety, and ease in travel is handled. He is also seen to it that we have the best schedule to gracefully see the most important spiritual sites. Not only does our journey includes private visits to the temples and sites, but most of the time visiting the sites, we have been the only people there! This is accomplished by Quest Travel getting us there at the best time to visit the sites, and also unfortunately because there are very few travelers in Egypt due to the negative media reports. I’m sure you know like me, not to always believe the media, but it’s hard to know what’s true, when you’re not in the country.egyptian_women

I had a lot of my friends eyes bug out when I shared with them I was going to Egypt, and they warned me to be careful r even not to go. But of course I did not let the media fear stop me, because I tuned in to my spirit, and I knew I needed to be here now. And now as I’m here and I talked to the Egyptian people, I find the media has blown this danger up way out of proportion. It is similar to the appearance that there is overall in media strategy, that seems to have an underlying result in creating fear in our world. And of course, anything can happen any time, any place in the world, and P1000632definitely including in America.

But my experience here is that the people of Egypt are wonderful, and they appreciate and they are kind and respectful to Americans. Here I am with a group of children that were more then thrilled to take a picture with our group.Tourism is the #2 industry in Egypt, so we tourists are treated wonderfully everywhere we go. So if you follow practical safety guidelines, just like when you travel anywhere else in the world, you will find it is safe. So if you have felt inspired to go at some point in your life, I’m here and I can say it is a great time to go to Egypt!  And especially with Quest Travels!

And I want to give appreciation right now to my Spiritual Adventure Journey P1000534Travel Mates, and our amazing guide Amro Mounir. We are all characters in this story, each bringing a different element to create the magic.  Amro is an expert Egyptologist, but is also a spiritual seeker. So not only do we learn what’s currently known in the history of Egypt, we learn “beyond” what’s reported in the current history, as well as his interpretation of spiritual and metaphysical significance of the sacred sites. He’s also extremely entertaining and funny, so we laugh and see the lighter side of these very serious concepts and information.

Eunjung and her husband Yves, our amazing hosts and have done a lot to make sure this is a deep spiritual pilgrimage. Eunjung shares with us every day, the Stargate Meditations, which is a process P1010012that comes through her as a spiritual transmission. So we receive a deep inner journey each day, as well as the support and leadership during our visits to the sites and ceremonies in the temple. Leading spiritual adventure journeys it her Divine Mission, and I’m sure this trip has elevated her offerings and what she will do in the future to the next level. She lives in Denver, but consistently travels the world, P1010016following her passion of what she can offer next.

Anah is a joy to be with. Her life long commitment to her spiritual path and her passion for life parallels mine, so we have a lot that we connect on. She comes from Sedona and has many talents. The most beautiful thing about her is when she smiles at you and lights up your heart.

Elyra comes from Maui and has also been on the spiritual path her wholeP1010013 life. She lives in sweet, gentle flow and kindness emanates from her actions. She has come here to allow spirit to show her, her next offering to the world in alignment with her passion and divine mission.

Sandra is beautiful, deep spiritual seeker, who brought a lot of life and laughter to the group. She creates heart full connections easily and live life with passion. She loves world travel and it’s been on this journey for a month, P1010018being in South Africa before she joined us in Egypt. She comes from San Francisco. So I’m assuming our worlds will intersect a bit, from now on.

And we have declared we are siSTARS of the Rose, which we acknowledge as our sisterhood name/sect who have been brought together for this spiritual pilgrimage. And we have been told in guidance, through the transmissions of Eunjung, that have all come from different sources, but we are connected through the planet Venus and we agreed to come here at this time to activate the knowledge and the wisdom from our past lives in ancient Egypt, to be utilized for our current amazing times! And no matter what’s true, and where life takes us next, we will always have this special bond and love from this magical journey to Egypt.



Abydos, Temple of Hathor and another private ceremony in the Isis Temple at Dendara


Today was a very special day for all of us in the whole group of 5 women and our amazing tour guide Amro. We got up early to be ready to leave at 5:30 AM, and take a 3 hour bus ride to Abydos, one of the most holy and important archaeological sites in Egypt. The sacred city of Abydos is one of the oldest cities in Egypt, and was the site of many ancient temples. The main temple that we visited, was dedicated to Osiris (the husband of Isis) and houses the nine great beings (the Ennead). Much of the Great Temple complex and most of the ancient town are buried under modern buildings to the north of the temple. But still there is much to see and experience.

Osirion TempleWe were all very excited to experience Osirion Temple, which is behind the main temple, and is one of the most premier power places on the planet. This temple, lying deep in the ground with the earth dug out all around it, is considered to be very ancient and older than all the other temples.  Drumvalo Melchizedek was visited in spirit by Osiris and directed to come to this temple, and discover and make known the “Flower of Life” life glyphs that decorate it. After  that visit to the Osirion Temple, Drumvalo started sharing the Flower of Life Wisdom, which has become a popular symbol for spiritual seekers. The Flower of Life, can be found in all major religions, and contains all the patterns of creation as they emerge from source, and symbolizes the One.Osirian_templeflowerof life

We paused at the Osirion Temple for 20 minutes to meditate. I experienced deep energy transmissions, which happens for me in sacred spaces, so I experienced personally this was a powerful place. Eunjung, our tour host, went into deep meditation, so deep that she actually went out of body for a few minutes. We all surrounded her and held her in love and healing. When she came back she shared that she saw the Flower of Life circulating the whole Temple and all around us. Osiris was in the middle and we were holding hands circulating him, and we were receiving a transmission. We were in to again awe deep gratitude for another connection with spirit.

Hathor2We drove two hours to our next stop, back in the direction towards our boat that was docked in Luxor. The temple was Dendera, the Temple of Hathor, who is the goddess of abundance, feminine love, motherhood and joy. She was one of the most important and popular deities throughout the history of Ancient Egypt and was worshiped by royalty and common people alike.

As we walked on the center walkway approaching the temple, it looked like there could have been expansive garden areas to each side. All of us commented how peaceful, beautiful, serene, and feminine we felt this temple is. The sun is out, the sky is deep blue, birds are chirping, and even the coffee shop right beyond the gate of the temple is called Happy Land!dendara

As we walked in the Hathor Temple, Amro shares that this is the first temple of ancient Egypt for which the government has begun an ambitious project of cleaning the walls and ceilings of hundreds and hundreds of years of dirt, soot and smoke. As we walked through the temple we were able to view amazing full color original art on the walls.


There are also many side rooms that come off to the main temples. I was very attracted and curious about the side rooms, as if a memory was being sparked again, so I asked Anro what they were for. He said they were Healing Rooms, because people would come to the Temple of Hathor for healing. I wonder if this has anything to do with the past life reading that I received several months ago that shared with me, I had a life in the Healing Temples of Egypt.

And then Anro said, I have another surprise for you. There is a special Temple in the back that public is not allowed to go into.  Hathor and Isis were very connected, and this is a special Temple for Isis. I’ve been talking to the guard of that Temple, and I believe he will open up that door to the temple and allow you to go in there for ceremony. But remember ceremony in the temples is not allowed. So you must act like a tourist, like you’re going in there to take pictures.hathor-dendera-egypt

We got the approval and Eunjung, our tour host, got to open the door herself, which was very symbolic. We created an altar in the center of the temple, and I put my large crystal that I’m taking with me everywhere, given by my SiSTAR Celestine.

I also brought the crystal skull my dear friend Spruce requested that I take with me and bring to all the sacred centers that I go to. He shared the skull has gone to many other sacred centers all around the world, and it wanted to continue that journey. We held hands, and began our P1010007prayers, allowed transmissions to come through and got to be in there over 20 minutes. As usual we felt the energy pause, and that it was time for the ceremony come to a close.  And then Amro came back at that exact moment and said that it is time to leave.

The next day, I texted Spruce to let him know that his crystal skull had made it to the Temple of Hathor, and specially in ceremony at the temple of Isis. He texted back, “The last two days I witness my Hathor picture folding in on all the corners. This is never happened before and had my full attention yesterday.”

Just another day on my Spiritual Adventure Journey…




Luxor Temple, the Valley of the Kings and the Funerary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

HatshepsutjpgAnro, our amazing tour guide, Amro, shares that Hatshepsut is one of his favorite ruling Queens of Egypt, and we begin our day with a visit to her Funerary Temple, which is built into the side of a huge mountain near the Valley of the Kings. She was the 5th Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt, and came to the throne of Egypt in 1478 BC.  She is regarded as one of the most successful women pharaohs of Egypt, reigning over 20 years, which is longer than any other woman has.  But Amro shares that there’s much more that is very special about her.

Queen Hatshepsut  is considered to be a pharaoh who inaugurated a long era of peace.  While the pharaohs before her expanded the Egyptian territory and its wealth through war and conquering other areas, Hatshepsut took a different approach. Instead of going to war to obtain wealth, she invested in the Egyptian people, the country, and building commerce. She re-established international trading relationships lost haseput funary templeduring a foreign occupation and brought great wealth to Egypt. That wealth enabled Hatshepsut to initiate building projects that raised the calibre of Ancient Egyptian architecture to a standard, comparable to classical architecture, that would not be rivaled by any other culture for a thousand years.

It’s interesting to see how history repeats itself. Our modern evolving civilization could benefit from the balance of the feminine principle in leadership to steer our country and our world in a whole new direction, similar to how Queen Hatshepsut turned Egypt around. The feminine focus would prioritize investing in healing and developing its society and it’s people, as well as building healthy relationships for mutually supportive exchange.  And potentially that time is coming!

Valley_of_the_Kings_panoramaThen we traveled to the Valley of the Kings, a valley in Egypt where, for a period of nearly 500 years from the 16th to 11th century BC, tombs were constructed for the Pharaohs and powerful nobles of the New Kingdom (the 18th to the 20th Dynasties of Ancient Egypt). The valley stands on the west bank of the Nile, opposite Thebes (modern Luxor), within the heart of the Theban Necropolis.inside-the-famous-tomb

Here is why they know King Ramses II had 100 sons and 70 daughters, because they were all buried together there.  This is also where they discovered the tomb of King Tutankhamen.  Amro says that he suspects that there are many tombs still undiscovered in this area buried under mountains of sand, because in the temple of Abydos, where will be visiting tomorrow, there is a wall that lists all the ruling pharaohs through all the dynasties. And these have not been found!

Luxor3 Our final treat for the night is going to the famous temple of Luxor at twilight. The lights on the temples emphasize the majestic beauty and magnificence of this temple. Unlike the other temples in Thebes, Luxor Temple is not dedicated to a cult god or a deified version of the king in death. Instead Luxor Temple is dedicated to the rejuvenation of kingship; it may have been where many of the kings of Egypt were crowned (as potentially in the case of Alexander the Great).

At the Luxor Temple, I allow myself to be taken on a mysterious journey in the temple by one of the guards. Many of the Luxorguards are trying to hustle you, giving you some sort of special treatment for a tip. But instead of ignoring this guard, I decide to find out what he wants to share with me. I allow him to take me out the back door of the temple, which is blocked to the public and then around to the side. He takes me to an image of a God with an elongated penis, and smiles. He then motions for me to take pictures underneath it. So in my usual style, I figure why not, and reach my hand up to it while he snaps a photo. A little humor in these serious temples is very good!P1000743

He then takes me to the back area of the temple and instructs me to sit there and meditate for a few minutes. This sounds like a good idea to me, so I obliged. I tune into my own connection with the temple.

Then the guard comes back and takes me back into the temple to a special area with a dark art space on the wall that looks like the Egyptian Solar Boat, and instructs me to put my forehead on it. Amro has shared that the Solar Boat was the gateway to the Divine, an ascension vehicle. I assume this part of the journey that he sharing with me, so I P1000752-001agree, and put my head on the wall, against the art, and go into my own spiritual
prayer focus. The guard goes away again leaving me with my head to the wall. A few people walk by while I have my forehead to the wall, and I assume I look pretty strange, and I laugh inside. Again I figure it is all part of the experience.

The guard comes back again in a few minutes. He then motions me to follow him and perform a sacred movement of repeatedly touching the Egyptian Solar Boat and then myself. Together we first touch our hearts, then touch the boat, and then each shoulder, and touch the boat, and then the art, and then our foreheads. We repeat 2 more times, and then we pause. He smiles at me communicating that he has just shared something very special with me. And then of course he puts out his hand. I give him 30 Egyptian pounds which is almost a two dollar tip, which is a good tip for him and he smiles. Spirit comes through in many forms, and I figured it was worth it.



Temple of Karnak and Private Darshan with Sekmet

Karnak3We arrive in Luxor, or Thebes as the Greeks called it, and we visit the magnificent Temple of Karnak. The Temple of Karnak is dedicated to the Gods Amun and Mut, and it was the center of ruling Egypt.  Karnak is the biggest temple complex in Egypt – and the second largest ancient religious site in the world. It is actually three main temples containing smaller enclosed temples, and several outer temples all situated on 247 acres of land.  As I enter, I walk between two rows of ram-headed Karnaksphinxes, which originally connected Karnak with Luxor Temple, which is two miles away.

While viewing the huge structures, the very tall obelisks, and exquisite and descriptive art on the wall, the Karnak Temple inspires a deep remembering in my soul.  I have is a deep sense of respect, awe and I am deeply honored to be there.  It’s clear to me thatP1000527 this area was a main center like New York or Washington, DC is for us today. But in ancient Egypt, as in many other ancient cultures in the world, these major centers also had the power and understanding of spirit deeply connected with their major ruling centers.

Our amazing tour guide, Anro, explains to us that there are other sections in the complex in which the public is not allowed to view. They are being explored and excavated through the funding of other countries such as France and England, and unfortunately this has gone on for a very long time, keeping certain areas restricted from the public.

P1000554-001One such place is the powerful temple dedicated to Sekmet, her consort Ptah and their son Nefertum. Sekhmet is the lioness Goddess of compassion and courage. She is associated with feminine fire and healing through destruction. She is a renowned healer and known for her magic and ability to hunt down an imbalance at its origin. By honoring this Goddess and one can receive the gift of courage to be one’s authentic self.

Anro says he knows the guards and if we are lucky we can get up private experience with Sekhmet in her Temple. He says he’s not going to tell us what may happen and we should just experience it for ourselves.P1000604

We start to take this path on the side of Karnak Temple, where there are ruins and large blocks of fallen pieces of the complex. Anro says we have to move quickly, so that the main guards don’t see us going to that other area, so we quicken our pace through the ruins. I feel the excitement of the possibility of what were going to find, as if we are in a movie like “The Raiders of the Lost Ark”.P1000562

We go down this long passageway, and then meet this beautiful Egyptian man who’s the guard of the Sekhmet Temple. He smiles brightly and acknowledges us. But it’s his beaming cat-like eyes that begin to tell the story. We wait for the group to catch up, he pauses and then he unlocks and opens the door and we go inside the temple.

Then Anro says, “Each of you are going to have a private visit with Sekhmet.  And you can discover for yourself who she is, and what she is here to share with you”. Then the guard unlocked the next door to the temple where Sekhmet was. All we saw inside was a totally dark room. Very brave Anah went in first. She was in the temple for about 4 minutes, and then she came out with her eyes beaming. And it was my turn.Sekmet2

I went into this very small, dark, totally enclosed stone room and saw the statue of Sekhmet. I went up to her and felt this strong energetic power coming from her solar plexus and her heart. It was so intense, it almost made me feel like I had to back away, or even keel over. But I just stood in front of her in this energy of power for a minute or two. And then the energy all the sudden, totally went away. And I felt myself questioning. And I got this messge, “You have absorbed the power and you have become the power now”. And I knew my visit was complete.

Of course my mind told me, I made this all up, and this does make for a good story. But I asked Anah what she experienced. And she said she felt this great power coming from the chest of Sekhmet.  And then I asked Eunjung, our tour host, P1000587what she felt and she said she felt the strong energy coming from the front of Sekhmet. So I put my doubting mind away and just let the experience be in me, and I expressed gratitude.

Then we became Japanese Tourists again and had to get our photos. We each went in and stood next to her, relating in whatever way we felt inspired. Some of the women captured orbs in their photographs.  And I share with you now the very special photo that Sekhmet gave me.

Tomorrow we go to the famous Luxor Temple, the Valley of the Kings and the funerary temple of Queen Hatshepsut, who was one of the most productive Queens in Egypt.

The adventure continues…