The Global Gathering 2019 The Summer of Infinite Potential

Deepen Your Discovery of the Essential Self with Panache Desai & an Extraordinary Group of Hand Selected Visionary Speakers Michael Beckwith, Julianne Hough, John Paul Crimi, Guy Finely & more! This summer, in Phoenix, AZ, over the course of four remarkable days with your host and energetic guide, Panache Desai, you will have the opportunity to share the knowledge, hear the stories and learn from the experiences of an extraordinary group of visionaries from all walks of life.

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8-8 Lionsgate Global Activations with Meg Benedicte

The annual 8:8 Lionsgate occurs on August 8th during the month of Leo, the Lion. It is the time of year when our planet aligns with Star Sirius and the Galactic Center, creating a harmonious portal that unites “matter and antimatter”. It is a special galactic event that enhances your ability to fully embody the divine self in physical form. The powerful energies of the Lion’s Gate portal are assisting Gaia through the Gateways of Time and into the higher dimensions that are guarded by the Royal Sirian Lions of yesterday and tomorrow. During the Lion's Gate Activation, the 8-8 "wave" contains new Light Codes of the Cosmic Ascension for the Next year/cycle. Open and receive these codes to activate your crystalline DNA, to support you in making another quantum shift and furthering your personal evolution.

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Channeling to Galactic Integration with the Arcturians with Saryon Michael White

The Arcturians are among the most spiritually advanced civilizations in the galaxy, and they have a unique and divinely appointed role as midwives to the birth of our unified consciousness. Even more so, they are assisting those of us drawn to be way-showers and models of an ascension process that involves becoming integrated with the Galactic Spectrum of Consciousness. Join Saryon for an enlightening and activation exploration that will attune your channel to the over-lighting support of the Arcturians. Hear from our galactic teachers and guides as we open to new levels of connection.

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Astrology Humanity’s Future & Earth Changes with Kateria Knows

Join us with Kateria for insight on Astrology and how Mercury's retrograde can affect us, future events around the Earth, important shifts in our economy, and how Humanity can prepare for these changes. Can we predict future events or possibilities based on astrology? What does the energy of our future cosmic alignment mean for humanity? Come and find out and take a look at what this emerging world will look like for our personal and interpersonal relationships and our collective consciousness... and how we can prepare & assist in creating this world.

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Dream Growing with Robert Moss

Journey to your unique Imaginal Realm to discover an inspiring soul image for growing a dream in your waking life. Discover how to envision what’s blocking you from unveiling and manifesting your soul’s desires — and how to stir the forces in the world to support you. The stronger the imagination, the less imaginary the results...

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Reuniting Science & Spirituality Summit

Have you experienced the body’s awesome ability to self-heal — through energy medicine, ancestral healing, spiritual practices, and more? Do you marvel at science’s ability to achieve the impossible? Science is evidence-based knowledge, while spirituality is experienced as inner knowing and consciousness… … yet, accelerated healing is possible when they’re brought together. Together, these two wisdom streams form one powerful river of knowledge and possibilities for healing.

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Falling Into Grace with Adyashanti

Ever feel like life is working against you? Your car breaks down in traffic. Someone trolled your well-crafted post on social media. Your partner left their dishes in the sink...again. Any of these can cause frustration not only with other people, but with the universe itself. But what if you stop focusing on the challenges and instead, notice the thousands of ways that life serves and uplifts you every day?

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Egyptian Mysteries & Hermetic Wisdom with Tricia McCannon

Egypt has long been the Motherland of the Mysteries. Even today, some 5000 years later, Egypt still calls to us, because she was a civilization steeped in esoteric knowledge. In this amazing presentation, Tricia McCannon, Egyptian spiritual initiate and teacher, takes you into the deeper secrets behind the great spiritual Mystery Schools, and reawakens memory of what they once taught within the Mystery Schools.

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UFO Cruise

Join with Like-Minded Souls in the Experience of a Lifetime Explore "the truth that's out there" on our awesome UFO Cruise and Seminar-at-Sea, which takes place right on-board an extraordinary, luxury cruise ship during a 7-day cruise, in conference rooms on the ship, and during port calls in the Mexican Riviera. Join us! During this incredible, mind-blowing, truth-telling, enriching, unique event, we will unearth the truth about the UFO cover-up, and we will explore the possibility of disclosure with some of the most respected expert researchers, authors, teachers, speakers, contactees, and abductees on the planet.

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Discover Egyptian Shamanism with Nicki Scully

Discover the healing path of Egyptian shamanism — and experience a liberating ‘Heart Breath’ practice to evoke inner and outer harmony. Draw from Egypt’s deep connection to Source through the love of Hathor, the compassion of Isis, the fierce, fiery power of Sekhmet, and the evolutionary wisdom of Thoth. From the medicine traditions of South America to the “Song Lines” aborigines of Australia, our world is rich with shamanic paths for healing... and Egypt has its own healing traditions that come to us through the potent qualities of its deities and our ability to access them.

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