The 5G Crisis: Awareness & Accountability Summit

Understand the Dangers and Find Solutions 40+ Sessions will be guided by Josh del Sol & Sayer Ji. Expert speakers include: Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, Devra Lee Davis, PhD, MPH, Martin Pall, PhD, Cece Doucette, Raymond Broomhall, LLB, GDL 5G wireless... The industry HAS NOT shown it to be safe for your health or privacy -- yet THOUSANDS of peer-reviewed, independent studies show the risks it presents -- and they’re building it anyway.P, Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN, Joe Martino and many more!

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Egyptian Mysteries & Hermetic Wisdom with Tricia McCannon

Egypt has long been the Motherland of the Mysteries. Even today, some 5000 years later, Egypt still calls to us, because she was a civilization steeped in esoteric knowledge. In this amazing presentation, Tricia McCannon, Egyptian spiritual initiate and teacher, takes you into the deeper secrets behind the great spiritual Mystery Schools, and reawakens memory of what they once taught within the Mystery Schools.

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Tuning Your Electric Body with Eileen McKusick

Special Presentation: Two Free Classes with Researcher, Biofield Tuning Founder, Sound-Therapy Practitioner & Author Eileen McKusick Learn about your ‘electric body’ and biofield, and how sound can slow down your brain waves and shift every cell in your body from dis-ease to ease. Discover how energy blocks — in between your chakras — can be cleared to harmonize your whole electric body, calm your nervous system, and raise your ‘voltage.’

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Sacred U Courses for $88 each to Celebrate the 8/8 Lion’s Gate

This portal opens each year at the end of July and is open through mid August. It's called the Lions Gate because it occurs in the astrological sign of Leo and the gateway is marked by an alignment between our Earth and the star Sirius. At this time the constellation of Orion's Belt directly aligns with the Pyramids of Giza and activates opportunities for all of us to expand our awareness and elevate our Consciousness! Our friends at Sacred U want to assist you in maximizing these energies to elevate your Consciousness by offering all Sacred U courses for $88 each! (Regularly $111 - $297) Yes, that's right! ALL Sacred U courses!

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The Gifts of Celtic Shamanism with Jane Burns

Experience a profound journey to the Otherworld with the Celtic Goddess Brigid — the Great Mother Goddess of healing and creation. Evoke the ancient medicine of Celtic shamanism and the wonder, wisdom, and wildness of the natural world and its mythical beings. The lush, green lands of Ireland are alive with the healing energies of the ancestors… ancient Gods and Goddesses… and the Bards, Druids, and fairies of Celtic history and lore. They call to us — no matter our native land — drawing us to the wisdom of the early shamans and the transformative practices of Indigenous cultures.

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