The Awaken Your Kundalini Summit

Tue. Nov 5 - Fri. Nov 8, Replay Available Free Online Summit with 25 Speakers Hosted by Kia Miller Speakers include Guru Singh, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Maya Fiennes, Anand Mehrotra and many more. Everything in the universe is energy. Kundalini is the energy of awakening, it represents your potential as a human being. Kundalini unlocks the “you within you…” It’s a path for your deepest transformation yet. Awakening your Kundalini is about becoming a true master of the energy YOU ARE — a creative intelligence that’s powerful beyond measure, and intimately connected to your soul. In the Awaken Your Kundalini Summit, you’ll receive leading-edge practices and tools to ignite deeper levels of healing, spiritual awareness, and energy mastery. The visionary speakers in this summit will show you how to awaken your full potential, move through energy blocks, and align your entire life with the powerful spiritual energy within you.

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The Weaponization of Food Online Conference

Sat. Nov 9, Replay Available There has been a war on our food supply. The way in which we process our food, especially in industrialized countries, have lead to a decay in quality and the mentality of profit over health. The food industry has been corrupted on many levels: from members in the FDA who look the other way and do not consider research that proves certain additives and chemicals are harmful to the human body to an economy based on efficiency and reducing expenses rather than considering the impact it will have on us.

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Emerald Tablets of Thoth with Tricia McCannon

Sun. Oct 27 For thousands of years the Emerald Tablets of Thoth have been known as some of the greatest wisdom literature of all times. Said to have been engraved on the Temple walls at the heart of Atlantis, the Emerald Tablets chronicle the journey of the great spiritual Initiate Hermes Trimegistus, or thrice-great Hermes, long before he was known even to the ancient Greeks. Written by Thoth, the scribe of the gods, and god of wisdom in ancient Egypt, the Emerald tablets were unearthed in Central America almost a century ago.

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SAND19: Science and Nonduality Conference

Wed. Oct 23 - Sun. Oct 27 Use our 10% off Promo Codes From Quarks to Love Join one of the TOP Consciousness Conferences in the nation where over 170 leading scientists, philosophers, and spiritual teachers gather to explore a new understanding of who we really are, both as individuals and as a society. See speakers below.

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Global Oneness Day Online Summit

Sat. Oct 19 - Thu. Oct 24 Conscious Leadership for a Rapidly Changing World Free Online Summit with over 75 Speakers Join the Global Oneness Day FREE Online Summit 6-day event beginning on Saturday, October 19th and running through Global Oneness Day itself on Thursday, October 24th. For this year’s 10th Anniversary Celebration, the theme is “Conscious Leadership for a Rapidly Changing World,” and is all about stepping into personal and/or professional leadership roles and creating positive change in your own life and in the world. Your life will be enriched by this experience when you attend as many of the panels in this FREE 6-day event as you can!

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Tantra Mantra and Chakra Toning with Wayne Perry

Sat. Oct 12 Discover the secrets to using the natural vibrational healing power inherent in the human voice to clear, strengthen and balance the chakras. Since our bodies are literally made up of energy vibrating at various rates of frequency, we can easily learn to master those frequencies and vibrations with sound and toning for enhanced health and wellness. Join internationally renowned sound healer, WAYNE PERRY, founder/director of the Sound Therapy Center of Los Angeles since 1992, for an interesting, illuminating, and entertaining journey into chakra & tantra toning. This presentation will conclude with a demonstration of regenerative sound and a special group "chakra chant”, facilitated by Mr. Perry for all attending participants. No singing or musical experience is necessary.

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5 Ancestral Realms for Healing Your Life & Lineage with Dr Steven Farmer

Wed. Oct 16 Free Online Event with World-Renowned Author, Soul Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, Psychotherapist & Spiritual Teacher Dr. Steven Farmer Connect with the ancestors — beyond your bloodline — to help you heal, evolve, ignite your creative side, and live a more fulfilling life. Experience a guided meditation to discover an Animal Spirit that can connect you with a beloved ancestor

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Collective Trauma Online Summit

Sat. Oct 12 - Sun. Oct 20 Free Online Event ~ 2+ New Talks Each Day ~ Bonus Gift with Registration Learn from 25+ Leading Visionaries, Psychotherapists, Mediators, Researchers & Peacemakers. Hosted by Thomas Hübl, Terry Patten, Kosha Joubert and Robin Alfred Speakers include Bessel van der Kolk, MD, Christina Bethell PhD, Peter Levine PhD, Richard Schwartz PhD and more! This is one of the first Summits to bring greater awareness to the topic of collective trauma and it is important because often collective trauma goes unrecognized but lives in the background of any situation. By first recognizing collective trauma and then working with it, we can accelerate both individual and group healing.

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Emery Smith Online Q & A

Sun. Oct 13 Webinar via Zoom Only 100 guests allotted for this event Emery Smith will be speaking to the online audience directly and answering questions via WEBINAR Q & A. You will be able to ask Emery any question and receive direct feedback. The replay will also be available to view at any time so that you can review all the answers. Emery will be facilitating routine online q and a webinars to provide updates on his activities and answer on going questions from the public about his experiences and awareness that will soon usher in Full Disclosure.

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