Essential Oils Transformation Summit

Mon. Oct 14 - Sun. Oct 20 Free online event with over 30 experts including Samantha Lee Wright, Jennifer Lane, Jonathan Hunsaker, Jen O'Sullivan, Jade Shutes, Lindsey Elmore, Jonathan Otto, Jay Davidson, Krissy Chin, Trudy Scott and more! There is SO MUCH confusion about essential oils (even fears!), but replacing the toxic chemicals in your home and life using these all-natural tools CAN BE simple, as well as affordable, all while promoting improved health and happiness! With all the fear, hype and confusion surrounding essential oils, it can be nearly impossible to find a straight answer about safety, benefits, and usage. But essential oils don't need to be complicated! Anyone can learn how to use these powerful and approachable tools to enhance their lives and invite more natural solutions to their homes.

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