Discover Sound as Medicine with Mona Delfino

Sat. Dec 14, Replay Available How to Clear Emotional Blocks & Heal Common Illnesses & Chronic Conditions Through the Power of Your Own Voice. Uncover the voice of your soul — and a more authentically lived life — using sound as medicine. Discover how the healing power of sound leads to a sense of ‘oneness’ within YOU — and throughout our world. Receive a singing bowls practice to guide you into a healing ritual space — and discover why sound resonates with YOU (and impacts your individual frequency) differently than anyone else. Do you feel as though you’re going in circles, treating the same old symptoms — fatigue, stress, depression, and other chronic conditions? Have you sensed that going to a doctor may not be your only hope for a healthy life — yet, you’re not sure where else to turn? With steadily increasing medical costs, misdiagnoses, addiction to prescriptions — then more prescriptions to offset the side-effects — it’s time to turn the corner into a clear understanding of your health and open the door to new possibilities for healing...

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Claim Your Life Force Online Conference

Sat., Dec 21 An awareness is here now - that we are faced with the decision to transform this planet, ourselves and many global institutions. Chaos and confusion are escalating throughout the world. How do we rise above and access the tools that can empower all of humanity? When we are not aware that we are life force energy we are more susceptible to manipulation and control. We are much greater than that.

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Deepen Your Connection with Loved Ones Through Sacred Mediumship with Suzanne Giesemann

Dec 18, Replay Available Discover the power of sacred mediumship and how to communicate with your loved ones beyond the veil. Receive a guided, experiential practice to support strong spirit connections and deeper readings. Imagine being able to connect with loved ones who have passed — to give and receive love, forgiveness, and guidance... Or communicating beyond the veil to provide these special connections for others... And what if you could demystify the mysteries of the Spirit World... understand what’s actually happening when you connect with the Other Side... even perceive where this realm is?

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Experience Feldenkrais with Lavinia Plonka

Available Now thru Jan 16 3 Somatic Movements to Rewire Your Brain, Heal Chronic Pain & Increase Your Flexibility. Transform habitual physical and emotional postures to help you heal from illness and injury, improve range of motion, and reduce pain. Receive three subtle, yet powerful Feldenkrais sequences to reduce tension in your body and improve your balance and vision (literally and figuratively!) The way you physically move… is also the way you move through your entire life...

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The Cosmic Secret Movie with David Wilcock & Corey Goode

Online Documentary, Available Now For time immemorial humanity has looked to the Stars for answers to unlock our origins. We have interpreted prophecy with the hope of predetermining our future. Through religious texts, scripture, art, and oral tradition we have laid an enigmatic and elusive breadcrumb trail to our past, and yet the questions remain: Who are we? Why are we here and what is our destiny? Best Selling Author and Renowned Researcher David Wilcock brings together a vast and eclectic knowledge base to present an alternative human history like you would never believe. Joined by an all-star lineup of researchers, scientists, archeologists and insiders, The Cosmic Secret will make you question every page in your history book and everything you thought you knew about reality. Prepare yourself for a film that may very well challenge your every belief system and in the process unveil the secrets of humanity's long-lost cosmic origins.

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Holiday Gift Idea in Honor of the Divine Masculine – God Cards For Men

God Cards For Men provides tools, tips and tricks that help transform toxic masculine behavior into divine masculine virtues. There are so many teaching and tools that support the Divine Feminine. And FINALLY there is a beautifully designed divination and teaching tool for men. The perfect gift for your beloved, brother, friend!

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Get Direct Access to Your Inner Wisdom with Lisa Barnett

Dec 12, Replay Available Unlock your Soul Guidance with these 4 Vibrational Keys What could you accomplish without unproductive patterns, and unconscious fears? Would you like to have access to 4 Vibrational Keys that can rapidly move you out of feelings of lack, financial roller coaster rides, confusion, and dead end relationships? How about learning to quickly access your inner wisdom and deep unconditional love? Lisa Barnett is offering this Free Online Workshop to assist you in Re-Claiming your Birthright to access your Clarity and Purpose easily.

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