Spring Equinox Ascension Retreat

Fri. Mar 20 - Sun. Mar 22 Lomacasi Resort Sedona, AZ 86336 Spiritual Practices & Ascension Guidance & Mystical Tours into Sacred Vortex Sites. In preparation for our deeply spiritual & wholly transformational Vortex Event & Adventure, the Ascension Ceremony will raise the vibration of all present while creating a unification frequency everyone will be tuned into it throughout the ceremony. Using Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, drumming and the flute to raise the vibration through sound frequency, spontaneous healing of the mental, emotional and physical bodies take place while the soul is ignited and dormant DNA is activated. Ancient mantras will be used to clear energy blockages in the chakras and transmute shadows embedded in the cellular memory of tissues and organs. Large crystals will attract the Sedona vortex energy and rainbow-light crystals will activate the crystalline light-body harmonizing all beings back into their original divine blueprint of perfection. As the group consciousness is elevated to a high frequency, the event will unfold in a higher dimensional vibration of pure unconditional love and sacred divine light. As a profound sense of oneness permeates throughout, collectively we move into the ultimate truth of who we are as the I AM and embody the highest truth of who we are as the Word: God/Goddess in Action knowing in the core of your being: I AM THAT I AM.

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Depression, Anxiety & Dementia Secrets!

The Fix for Brain Inflammation at the Root ~ Available Now ~ Free Online Docuseries with 10 Episodes plus 2 Free eBooks! Speakers Dr John Gray, Dr Joel Fuhrman, Dr Neil Needley MD, Dr Daniel Binus, Dr William Davis +more Did you know that despite its massive population, India has one of the lowest incidences of Alzheimer’s on the planet? Out of 1.4 billion people, just 4 million Indians are affected by this devastating disease. To compare, the US reports 5.8 million people with Alzheimer’s, out of its population of just 327.2 million. That’s a shocking difference! Scientists have been trying to figure out exactly why this huge disparity exists and they have come up with two main reasons... Indians eat far less meat. The lowest incidences are in areas that are vegetarian. They use A LOT of two very specific “super spices”, even when they do eat meat. You may ask, how can mere kitchen spices lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease so much?

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222 Gateway Global Activations

Sun. Feb 2, 12:00pm - 1:30pm PT Webcast/Telecast with Meg Benedicte In esoteric teachings the universal number sequence of 222 signifies our life purpose, spiritual growth and evolutionary progress. To realize your full potential, you need to trust in yourself. The 222 Gateway opens you to new levels of consciousness and ancient knowledge, as you learn to trust the Soul’s inner wisdom. On February 2nd, 2020 we are blessed with a rare Palindrome 02022020 – a number sequence that reads the same backward as forward. 222 is also the symbol of the High Priestess and higher aspirations. In numerology the ‘2’ influence is a desire to bring equality and peace to our beloved Gaia. It is the perfect energy to seed our visions and intentions for the New Earth. The powerful 222 Gateway enhances your ability to envision new innovative ideas, systems and lifestyles that form a peaceful world. This is our moment to question distorted authority, policies and practices that only serve a small few, instead of supporting the entire world population. Riding the stellium wave in Capricorn, we are replacing the old, corrupted, imbalanced institutions with collaboration and cooperation.

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Discover the 4 Chambers of Your Warrior Heart

with HeatherAsh Amara Releasing Your Old Story & Realigning With Your Truth Wed. Jan 29, 5:30pm - 6:30pm PT REPLAY AVAILABLE SIGN UP NOW for the live broadcast and to get the Replay OR sign up anytime before Feb 11, to access the program instantly. Free Online Event With Bestselling Author & Spiritual Teacher HeatherAsh Amara Discover the healing power of the four chambers of your heart — to transform challenges into opportunities, confusion into clarity, and pain into peace. Access Toltec wisdom and practices to clear false beliefs, release old stories, and realign with your true purpose. Do you sense that the life you’re living is a version of a story you’ve been telling yourself... maybe one of scarcity, self-doubt, and fear?

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Discover the Deeper Dimensions of Medical Qigong with Dr. Roger Jahnke

Wed. Jan 15, 5:30pm - 6:30pm PT REPLAY AVAILABLE Advancing MindBody Practices to Unlock Self-Healing & Access the Power of Medicine Within Awaken and activate your own ‘inner elixir’ & pave the way for unexpected inner healing — in the moment, anytime & anywhere. Receive an ancient practice called ‘Bathing the Marrow in Qi’ — using movement, intention & breath to gather the resources of the 3 Treasures. Whether you’re battling a health condition, are seeking extra energy in your life, or you want to be in the frontline of how our world (and medicine) is changing and growing…

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Global Meditation Event to Bring the Planet Towards Love & Light

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Sat., Jan 11 Pluto-Saturn conjunction on Saturday brings shadow energy front and center. A unique opportunity as an extended community of Lightworkers to affect the timeline. This weekend is an opportunity for us to come together as a spiritual community to pulse our 5d energy to help nudge a timeline towards what we all have been dreaming about. We are being asked to be as clear and in our spiritual integrity as we can to be present for the events of this weekend. Anchor ourselves to our inner Body of Light, our spark of divinity and connect it with the Ineffable Source Consciousness All That Is, as we step in the ring where dark energies will be trying to get their way.

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Radical Compassion Challenge

Tue. Jan 21 - Thu. Jan 30 Awaken Our Hearts and Bring Healing to Our World Hosted by Tara Brach with 10 Speakers Maria Shriver, Daniel J. Siegel, MD, Kristin Neff, PhD, Elizabeth Gilbert, Dacher Keltner, PhD, Valerie Kaur, Sandra Oh, Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, Krista Tippett and Van Jones Are you ready to make a commitment to a more loving and compassionate world? We are too. That’s why Tara Brach and Sounds True created the Radical Compassion Challenge. We'd be thrilled to have you join us as we begin the new year with Tara and the intention to embody compassion-in-action. Each day of this inspiring ten-day event, you'll be invited to engage with a teaching session, a guided meditation, and a practical challenge presented by your host Tara Brach. After each day's teaching session, join Tara as she interviews ten of today's leading voices on the power of compassion

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The Secret Power of Human Vision with Matthew Fox, Patricia Cota-Robles and Sister Jenna

Jan. 14, Jan. 18 & Jan. 23 Discover the Transformative Art of Deeply Seeing and Appreciating the World Around You When you look at the world around you, you’re able to see a lot of beauty and a lot of good, while also still bearing regular witness to the darker side of what we humans are capable of. What you may not realize is that the way you see the world at any given moment has a tremendous effect on what happens in that moment and your experience of it. There are ways of looking at the world that can draw deeply enriching relationships and experiences to you, and there are ways of looking at the world that can push those relationships and experiences away. To help you learn the skills you’ll need to be able to embody those powerful and positive ways of using your eyes to more fully see the world…

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Get Direct Access to Your Soul Guidance with Lisa Barnett

~ Available Now ~ A FREE Global Online Event with Int’l Bestselling Author, Akashic Teacher & Founder of Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom Lisa Barnett Unlock your Soul Guidance with these 4 Vibrational Keys Wow, what a crazy year we’ve had. I know the world appears to be in an uproar but the intuitive and divine guidance I receive says: “You are now moving fully into the co-creation process.” Some of that has to do with releasing and building fresh. Are you Ready to stand in your power, aligned with your soul purpose? Would you like to exchange confusion and doubt for total clarity? How would you feel if you could become conscious of your soul path? If you could clear blocks that hold you back and even release karma so you can feel in alignment to your soul. Feel how amazing that would be. It’s like you can finally breathe deeply and fully relax.  I’ve arranged for you to have immediate access to keys that accelerate your healing process and can rapidly move you out of lack, financial frustration, upsetting relationships and more... WHAT IF you could see what’s possible in your life starting RIGHT NOW? Well, great news, Lisa Barnett, bestselling author and founder of Akashic Knowing, will show you how to do exactly that for yourself now: "Unlock your Soul Guidance with 4 Vibrational Keys Claim your birthright to clarity and confidence" Join Lisa and learn how to shift out of doubts and fears to receive guided from your soul. Claim your Birthright of Divine Guidance and learn to trust your inner voice. Clarity and deep insights are available to you now.

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