Near Death Experiences Online Conference

Fri. Aug 14 - Sun. Aug 16 Replay Available Webinar via Zoom Join us for an opening program, plus 2-day information packed Online Conference including 90 Days Video On Demand Access after the conference! Join 60 speakers Anita Moorjani, Howard Storm, Mary Neal, Suzanne Giesemann, and many more! See and hear internationally renowned inspirational speakers & expert panelists share their personal experiences while introducing cutting edge healing, anxiety and grief support for helping you through the current pandemic challenges.

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Open to The Shaman’s Light for Balance, Healing & Strength

with Sandra Ingerman Sat. Jul 25, 10:00am PT REPLAY AVAILABLE SIGN UP NOW for the live broadcast and to get the Replay OR sign up anytime before Aug 11, to access the program instantly. Free Online Event with Shamanism Teacher and Author Sandra Ingerman Navigate Darkness & Initiate New Ways of Being

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The Top 3 Mistakes That Keep You From Fulfillment & Flow

by Dr. Sue Morter ~ Available Now ~ until Aug 5 FREE eBook + Access to FREE Webinar Live an authentic life of Freedom, Fulfillment and Flow with Dr. Sue Morter's eBook and Webinar Believe it or not, we’re more than halfway through 2020. And what a crazy year it’s been already. We’ve witnessed so many situations outside of our control affecting every corner of the globe. Are you craving a fresh start too? If you’re a big “Yes!” This is just the thing for you... Dr. Sue Morter, has just released an eye-opening e-book The Top 3 Mistakes That Keep You from Fulfillment & Flow, and, for a limited time, she’s giving it away for free. Dr. Sue is a renowned international speaker and founder of the Morter Institute for Bio-Energetics, an organization committed to teaching individuals self-healing techniques and a new approach to life based on Quantum Science. Through her work, she’s witnessed the transformation of thousands of her patients and students from being the victim of their circumstances to becoming the powerful creator of their life experience. In her e-book, she clearly explains the top 3 energetic and often subconscious mistakes you might be making right now without even knowing it … and how to fix them!

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Truth Investigator Workshop

(CAIS & Uncovering Cabal Deception) with John DeSouza Sat. Aug 1, 12:00pm - 2:00pm PT Webinar via Zoom Learn to penetrate these uncanny deceptions and double deceptions with the CAIS Investigation System and author and FBI special agent John DeSouza True Investigators are the only people that can penetrate the truth of the world we are currently living in—an Age of Globalist Terror directed against world citizens with the cloak of invisibility protecting them. Teaching CAIS Investigations… Cover-Story collected—pattern established… Actions of usual suspects in this type of investigation or mystery… Identify, collect, connect all clues, especially DISPOSITIVE clues… Seal and deliver final Investigative conclusion

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The Work Of Byron Katie

How To Find Power In Acceptance Available Wed. Jul 29, 2020 - Fri. Aug 7, 2020 Online course with 10 lectures + so much more! Experience all the benefits of Commune Membership absolutely FREE for 14 days. Over 400 premium video lessons from top teachers, covering health, personal growth, social impact, yoga, meditation, and more. Commune Membership gives you the timeless wisdom & daily practices you need to feel truly well. Turn the situation around and find the perspective you’ve been seeking. We learn from others when we are able to see how their negative thought patterns reflect our own. Through nine personal sessions, we explore how the individual issues may be different, but the solutions apply to us all.

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Ancestral Wisdom For Navigating Turbulent Times

with Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone Wed. July 15, 5:30pm PT REPLAY AVAILABLE SIGN UP NOW for the live broadcast and to get the Replay OR sign up anytime before August 5, to access the program instantly. Free Online Event with Author, Jungian Psychotherapist & Founding Rabbi of Congretation Nevei Kodesh Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone This ancient wisdom shows us how to decipher our soul’s unique code and find our own seat amidst the world's outward chaos.

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Oracle Cards 101 Masterclass

with Colette Baron-Reid Available Sat. Jul 11 - Sun. Jul 19 Replay Available Free 3-Part Online Masterclass Understanding Oracle Cards can see confusing...that's why I want to give you the dirty little secrets about Oracle Cards. Learn the 3 things you must know. Ask any business leader, athletic coach, or artist about how they make the right decision when stakes are high, and they’ll often credit their intuition. “I just had a feeling,” they’ll say, or “I somehow just knew what I should do.” While they can’t explain it — everyone wants MORE of it!

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Love Your Shadow Side Into Wholeness Through Feminine Alchemy

with Ariel Spilsbury ~ Available Now ~ REPLAY AVAILABLE Sign up anytime before Jul 30, to access the program instantly. Free Online Event with the Founder of the 13 Moon Mystery School, Renowned Author, Priestess, and Unconventional Initiator Ariel Spilsbury In a new hour-long event with Ariel Spilsbury, you’ll discover how to move away from the masculine approach of fixing your “flaws” — and instead balance out your energy with the feminine approach of befriending your flaws and loving your shadow self into wholeness.

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