You are currently viewing Egypt 2023 – DAY 6: Edfu Temple dedicated to Horus and the Beautiful Egyptian Women

Egypt 2023 – DAY 6: Edfu Temple dedicated to Horus and the Beautiful Egyptian Women

Today, we continue to cruise down the Nile from Luxor to Aswan. About half way is Edfu Temple which has a strong religious significance in ancient Egypt. It is a sacred site which had been dedicated to the veneration of Horus, embodying divine protection and power. Pilgrims and devotees flocked to this temple to seek blessings, perform rituals, and connect with the sacred.

Horus, the falcon-headed sky God, was the son of Isis and Osiris. He was believed to have been the first divine king of Egypt, meaning that all the other pharaohs were descendants of Horus. Horus was the protector of every ruler of Egypt, and pharaohs were believed to be the living Horus. He was associated with kingship and was the personification of royalty and divine power. This temple is very beautiful. There are many significant spiritual teachings carved onto the walls.

One of the walls is called the Atlantean Wall. It tells the story of Atlantis and how many things were destroyed during its demise. There are many references in the art and writing on various temple walls that depict survivors of Atlantis as being part of the very early beginnings of Egypt. It is possible that some of the Atlantean technology also ended up here.

BEAUTIFUL WOMEN OF EGYPT! I think anywhere in the world you travel, women can deeply relate to women. The women of Egypt are so beautiful, gentle and sweet. They are definitely still very suppressed, as compared to our American freedoms. But I love connecting with them.

I had a great connection especially with two older women that I met along with a young girl. They appreciated my support of buying their trinkets, which I will give to my nieces. But it went way beyond that because there were deep smiles and a heart connection of appreciation. We fascinate each other as we are very different, but there is the heart connection of the feminine, gracefully acknowledging each other.

And I’m really excited about tomorrow because we are going to the Temple of Isis!

Much love!
Debra Giusti

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