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Egypt 2023 – DAY 7: Activations In the Temple of Isis

This was a very important spiritual excursion because I’m very connected with Isis, having been ordained in 2005 as a Priestess of Isis.

The Temple of Isis in Egypt holds immense spiritual significance. Isis, one of the most important goddesses of ancient Egypt, was a great magician whose power transcended that of all the other deities. She played several roles in Egyptian mythology: 

1) Mother: Isis served as a role model for all.

2) Mourner: Isis was instrumental in rites connected with the dead. 

3) Healer: She cured the sick and brought the dead back to life. She was acknowledged as a powerful deity who could protect people from harm, bring them luck, grant wishes, and heal illnesses.

This visit to the temple during this trip was a very different experience from when I was there in 2015. At that time, I was traveling with five women and we called ourselves “The Sisters of the Rose”. There were supposed to be 30 people on the trip, but because of political unrest in Egypt at the time, people were afraid to come. So only five people booked the tour. I ended up having a very special experience. Because most of the temples that we visited were totally vacant, we were able to drop in deeply at the temples.

In 2015, going to the Temple of Isis was extra special because we had “special permission” to be there privately between 5 AM and 7 AM. The five of us dressed in beautiful Goddess ceremonial clothing. We took a boat in the dark, as beautiful Egyptian men paddled us over to the island where the temple exists. When the Aswan dam was built in the seventies, it flooded the temple. But the Temple of Isis was moved to higher ground on this island, piece by piece where it stands now. This was a difficult and incredible feat that saved the temple.

When we arrived, our guide took the Temple guide to coffee, which was a strategy so that we could have private time. So we went straight to the main altar called the “Holy of Holies” and began the ceremony, which we continued for 45 minutes.

We actually connected with other women and friends in America at the time, so the ceremony was happening in the USA and simultaneously, at the Isis Temple.

The five of us prayed, sang, channeled, and shared so much love and healing vibrations for our families, community, and the world. It was very beautiful and we really brought in the prayers and the energies appropriate for those times.

This ceremony was quite unusual because typically, no one is allowed to do ceremony at the sacred sites, let alone for 45 minutes. At about 45 minutes we heard our tour guide say “stop what you’re doing because the guard is coming back’. So we took our ceremonial altar pieces off the altar and got out our cameras, to look just like tourists. And we started taking pictures. But our hearts and our spirits were full.

In contrast, on our current trip there were hundreds of people at the temple. We were herded like cattle through the sacred areas. We couldn’t pause or reflect or give honor to the sites, as we had to keep moving. So it was very, very different.

BUT Viviane Chauvet, one of our spiritual guides for this tour, had Isis come to her in vision while in the temple as well as speak to her. Viviane is an Arcturian Hybrid and she is truly amazing. Previous to this she had no connection with Isis, except for hearing in the morning before the trip to the temple that she should “wear green”. As I was standing next to her someone came up to her and said, “did you know that Isis is very connected with the color green”? That was another example of a spiritual confirmation like I have mentioned before, which often happens with experiences like this.

As Viviane stepped into the successive rooms towards the main altar, the Holy of Holies, she saw a white streak in front of her and then Isis spoke to her as she went to the altar. I was next to her, and I could see her filled with emotion.

We were able to finagle a very pregnant spiritual pause while we were there. Before we got to the Isis Temple, there was a strategic plan by our guides to find somewhere to have our group pause for a few minutes and go into prayer and gratitude. It has been very clear on this tour that we are here in Egypt to experience the temples, not to just walk and look at the temples. We wanted to have a moment where we could really drop in.

But coordinating that with 100 people, especially when you’re not supposed to do stop and drop in was not easy. But we did end up being able to go to the side of the temple and pause.

Viviane shared how at that moment, Isis came to her and said, “This is truly the time for the empowerment of the Divine Feminine. Isis is coming back to the planet during this great shift to support the Divine Feminine coming through each of us, women and men. This is one of the most important things that can happen now and truly what will bring balance and evolution back to the planet”. And then we paused in meditation, reflection, and prayer.

I captured a bit of that brief meditation on video so you can see it here. And unfortunately our guide Mohammed got in a little trouble for pausing our group. But it was well worth it.

It seemed like many in the group were very touched by this experience today and feel in alignment with Isis. I am sure many of you do as well. So we were there honoring her for you and for the planet, as she brings back her power to this critical time in our world of evolution and healing.

Much love!
Debra Giusti

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