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Egypt 2023 – DAY 8: 4-Day Nile Cruise Conclusion

Now I’ll share about my final experiences on the Nile Cruise Ship. Traveling on the Nile from Luxor to Aswan is an incredible experience. You get to see the beauty of Egypt on the banks of the Nile as well as visiting the temples and sacred sites. Our whole 100 person tour had the boat to ourselves so it really created a sacred container where we got to meet almost every day for meditation and deep reflection on all that we had experienced.

Our tour guide Mohammed of Saba Tours gave a presentation on the true wisdom of Ancient Egypt. His talks also confirm how it is obvious that the history of earth and Egypt is much older than current modern Egyptologists proclaim. The ancient Egyptian civilization clearly had access to advanced technology to create all the wonders they built. He further confirmed that the hieroglyphics and ancient art demonstrate that the ancient Egyptians were in contact and communication with advanced beings whom we now call extraterrestrials. Mohammed will soon share his wisdom through a book that will be coming out next year, and he will also be presenting on Gaia TV. It has been a true gift to have him as our guide!

It was Mohammed’s birthday last night, and the whole crew and kitchen came out and did a traditional Egyptian dance with a big birthday cake. (See video here) This fun experience felt like it was truly in the spirit of Egypt.

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The tour itself was a collaboration among several groups. The Stargate Experience founders Prageet and Julianne work with the multidimensional group known as Alcazar. Their wisdom, insight and guidance is very potent for these accelerated times. I have been working with them for about 15 years, which continues to be very insightful and inspiring for me.

Neil Gaur of Portal to Ascension with his team Joan of Angels and Alan Steinfeld are also collaborating on the tour with us. Neil produces the Portal to Ascension platform that has a lot of incredible online programs. Neil has recently started hosting sacred retreats. And this has definitely been an amazing one! 

Our guest Spiritual Guide is Viviane Chauvet, whom I shared is an Arcturian Hybrid. This means she was conceived on the ships with an Arcturian father and a human mother. She came here to share wisdom and teachings of the very advanced galactic civilization of the Arcturians during this massive time of Evolution. I have known Viviane for almost 6 years now. She is for REAL and is amazing. Her insights, teachings, and activations on the trip have been invaluable.

We fly back to Cairo today to get ready for two more days of exploring Saqqara Pyramid Temple complex, and then we will have one more experience with private access for our whole group at the Giza pyramid for a final activation.

Much love!
Debra Giusti

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