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Egypt 2023 – DAY 9: Bulls & Gods & Orbs, Oh My!

Saqqara is an Egyptian village in the Markaz county of Badrashin near Giza, where ancient burial grounds of Egyptian royalty are found. This area contains over twenty pyramids including the famous Step Pyramid of Djoser and many thousands of tombs.

The most inspiring experience there was visiting the Serapeum of Saqqara, an ancient Egyptian burial place for sacred bulls of the Apis cult at Memphis. Ancient Egyptians believed the bulls were incarnations of the god Ptah, who would become immortal after death as Osiris-Apis. This was an underground chamber containing twelve chambers with huge sarcophagi for the bulls.

The sarcophagi were made of granite that, as I’ve shared before, came from hundreds of miles away. No one understands how they were transported there let alone underground, or how they did the incredibly fine work of cutting them and carving the art on the outside. These remnants are truly a wonder of the world.

And the coolest thing was that people in our group were capturing orbs in the photos they took! Orbs typically represent spirits in the area. They don’t show up on just anyone’s photographs! Typically, they will show up for specific people, particularly those who are generally psychic or more attuned to the multidimensional realms.

I HAVE 2 VIDEOS THAT SHOW ORBS IN THIS POST on Facebook! There is one video of me with orbs flying around me. The second video shows our group as we are being allowed to go down into one of the two chambers, near one of the very huge sarcophagi. The video is a bit fuzzy because of transferring it, but you will see flashes of light that show the orbs. You will see one at the beginning of my video and a small flash at the end as well as multiple flashes in the other video. I will try to post a better copy when I return.

Isn’t that wild? Let me know what you think.

Much love!
Debra Giusti

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