You are currently viewing Egypt Day 10: The Egyptian Museum in Cairo!

Egypt Day 10: The Egyptian Museum in Cairo!

I had one of the most awesome experiences at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, where you can get up close and personal with fascinating authentic items from past times in Egypt! This includes incredible statues and art, items from the royalty such as thrones & crowns, and personal household items such as jewelry, vases, and tools. You’ll find mummies, painted caskets, and even small figurines that show how life in Egypt might have been.

If you spend a little time with these objects, they can tell you stories, spark memories, and at the least expand your imagination of how it was in those times. I have very strong past life memories of Egypt that get rekindled as I am at the sacred sites and definitely when I am at the sacred sites.

I am really attracted to the jewelry, because it spurs memories of how the jewelry was not only for decoration and beauty like it is in our world today, but was also a symbol of spiritual status given to Initiates as they reach new levels, signifying their increased spiritual evolution and power.

One of the most interesting statues was of the pharaoh Akhenaton. He was a very unusual and interesting character in Egyptian history. There was great controversy around him, as he shifted the religion of the time from honoring multiple deities to honoring the One Source. AND he was very unusual looking. It is possible from his appearance that he was an alien hybrid. He had four daughters. Statues of them showed their elongatedskulls, whichcan be representative of alternative genetics that are different from our human lineage.

I also sparked up a good relationship with a Sphinx-like statue! I wouldn’t mind dating him. 😉 That would be my idea of a very interesting experience! Hahaha!

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