You are currently viewing Egypt Day 11: The Final Activation at the Giza Pyramid on the Full Moon!

Egypt Day 11: The Final Activation at the Giza Pyramid on the Full Moon!

Yes, believe it or not, the photo above IS a green sphere / orb / ship / portal on the side of the Giza Pyramid! Read on to find out how that photo happened, and why I know it was not photoshopped!

The activation of the Giza Pyramid on the last day was the most awesome experience of the whole trip—it was like the icing on the whole delicious cake! Although honestly, I am grateful for the whole experience, as it was a total mind blower, and provided deep evolution for me on all levels.

As I shared previously when we began the first day of our trip and had special private access to do activations between the Paws of the Sphinx and in the King’s Chamber of the Giza Pyramid, we were informed that our main mission on this trip was to support the Activations of the Sacred Sites of Egypt to bring them back to their original power.

In special transmissions from Alcazar of the Stargate Experience as transmitted by Prageet and Julianne, and also in additional transmissions through Viviane Chauvet, they all shared that the evolution and the frequency of the planet and humanity is rising through the Planetary Awakening.

As you may recall, Viviane is an Arcturian Hybrid who is in total communication with her Arcturian Star Family.

They shared that the planet and humanity are now ready to have these special Sacred Centers back to their full power. Having them resurrected will support the planet and humanity in their Ascension process, which is taking place now. So it is time to support these Sacred Temples, Centers, Monoliths and Portals of Egypt to go back to their original power and purpose.

This mission is not unique to only our group. It is also not unique for just the Egyptian Temples and Pyramids. I feel this is happening all over the world, as spiritual groups are being called to go to the sacred sites and earth grids all over the planet to heal and restore them to their full power. There are so many groups going to Egypt these days, and they are also going to sacred areas all over the world.

In regards to the Giza Pyramid, many of you have probably heard that even though traditional Egyptian history says that the pyramid was a tomb built by Pharaoh Khufu in 2550 BC, there is no practical evidence that Egyptians at that time could actually build that gigantic structure. All sorts of other evidence shows that the pyramid was way more than a tomb, and was more of an energy activation device. This is also true of the many thousands of pyramids that are found all over our world.

Evidence is emerging that points to the Pyramid being built many thousands of years earlier, and probably by civilizations who must have been of a higher level technologically to be able to build it. And there is also definite evidence that the Egyptians were supported by other civilizations and/or interdimensional beings. Also there are also references that it was for a purpose way beyond being a tomb.

We were told during the transmissions that the Spinx is way older than what our current history shares. The transmissions clarified that in ancient days, the Sphinx in its full power inspired healing and evolutionary insight, and people came from all over to be with it. It was shared that more and more is going to be revealed about the Sphinx, including potentially finding the “Hall of Records” sometime soon, which has been predicted to be in hidden chambers under the Sphinx. It will be found when humanity is ready for that information.

Again, our current humanity is just now opening up to higher wisdom and knowledge along with organic technology that could activate the sacred centers. Technologies such as antigravity devices are just being discovered now. These types of advanced technology may have been available in past times to build these structures.

Humanity is now opening up to potential relationships with the Higher Galactics and/or Interdimensional Beings who most likely supported Egypt and shared the knowledge necessary to create these incredible sacred centers there.

FRIDAY NIGHT, we went back into the Giza Pyramid and had a second activation. Again, we had private access for two hours. So fifty of us went in for the first hour, and our additional 50 tour mates went in for the second hour.

Prageet and Julianne were there guiding the activation and holding the frequency. Viviane was holding the activation from right outside the structure. There were also many other women in the group who could hold high frequency and channel energy. This was definitely a group process.

Prageet tells us in the afternoon as we were preparing for this major activation that The Commander would be coming through to be present during the activation of the Pyramid. The Commander is another being whom Prageet transmits. And in this case, we have been told this is another aspect of Prageet’s soul, where he is a commander of a ship.

You may have heard this concept before, about us embodying not only this current 3D life, but also having other aspects of us that live in parallel or other dimensional universes.

Obviously, this may sound a wee bit outrageous, but I have witnessed Prageet share transmissions from “The Commander” many times. He comes through in a very strong, low voice with a definite personality unique from Prageets, sharing a lot of wisdom.

The Commander shared much higher wisdom with us, and said there were many ships around the pyramid supporting this activation now.

During the activation, fifty of us were in deep prayer and meditation. We opened ourselves as channels to transmit love, healing, and power from Source into the field. The goal was to support the evolutionary healing and shift of ourselves, humanity, and the restoration of the power of the pyramid.

The energy and activation experience was thick and palpable. We were all fully present for this purpose. And then we could feel the energy subside, and knew it was time to exit.

The Final Punchline / Spiritual Confirmation / Big Wow took place as we were outside of the pyramid taking pictures. One woman took a picture of Viviane and her ownhusband with the pyramid in the background. When she looked at the photo after she took the picture, there was a huge green sphere on the photograph which could have been an orb, ship or portal. It appeared to the side of the Pyramid. I was there. I saw her take the picture. I looked at her phone and squealed! So I know this was not a touched up photo.

Much love!
Debra Giusti

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