You are currently viewing Egypt Day 12: Reflection, Integration & DEEP Gratitude!

Egypt Day 12: Reflection, Integration & DEEP Gratitude!

My journey home was a long one as my plane was late, so I missed a connecting flight in Istanbul. I spent a night there before my direct flight home. Since I am a master at “making lemonade”, it gave me time to REFLECT and review this very special trip to Egypt with 100 women and 3 spiritual teachers, who all got called to go to that ancient land at this critical time on the planet.

I also began to INTEGRATE all the energies, insights and experiences, catching up with myself after an amazing and challenging journey. It was amazing because we truly fulfilled our mission of activating the sacred sites of Egypt. (Read previous posts to hear about all the confirmations we received about this!) 

And it was challenging because we covered a huge amount of ground in a short period of time, visiting one or two sites a day almost every day in mostly 90 degree weather. And as always when I travel, I was juggling all my personal and business obligations throughout the entire experience.

The main sentiment I will hold in my heart forever is DEEP GRATITUDE, because it is truly a miracle that I was able go to Egypt with my very full, intense, wonderful ‘multi-juggling’ reality. I’m also glad I am able to share my experiences with you so all the insights, wisdom and wonder can land in your heart to uplift and inspire you 🙂

I can imagine thatyou are also having amazing and challenging evolutionary experiences in your life, because that’s what is going on in the world right now. We are all participating in a similar dance.

So I want to remind you to share your positive learning experiences with others in whatever way flows, because it is really helpful! We can all be proactive at informing, supporting and assisting each other during these crazy times.

In this post, I am sharing my most favorite moments with you in photos.

This trip has allowed my “core essence” to feel clearer, stronger, more connected with spirit than ever. I am also more committed than ever to be on my mission, which is to support the Planetary Awakening. This is what I manifest through all the things I create and the businesses that I have. But I am also surrendered, inviting the highest good to flow through me beyond what my personality level thinks is meant to be.

This does not mean it’s always easy. I am very pressured like most everyone these days in my efforts to keep everything moving forward in a good way. It is also challenging to hear some of the crazy things that are going on in the world. It’s understandable if we have freak out moments when hate seems to rage on.

But I really feel that we are in a process of PURIFICATION where ALL is getting exposed, ALL Hidden Truths are coming to the surface, and ALL is getting purged.

All of humanity are having an opportunity to see the dysfunction on all levels of society: illness, corruption, greed, environmental pollution, selfishness, pain, war and more. The extremes may just help to inspire The Awakening, as we ALL—and I’m saying billions of us—see what has taken place and make consistent new choices that engender peace and love in our world.

Truly this is the spiritual opportunity we have now, to make powerful choices for OUR WORLD, and to unite together in those choices. You could see it as choosing to establish Positive Timelines we wish to experience and manifest going forward.

The Positive Timeline is empowered in every moment of choice and with every thought, decision and action. We can also support each other as we TOGETHER choose and take actions on positive movements towards peace and love. We start with love and helping ourselves (which is a big one), then continue by assisting those around us, and then activating our missions in the world.

Living the mission can be as simple as helping your elderly neighbor who can’t get to the grocery store or raising an amazing child who came in at these times to bring in the new world. It could also be something as huge as running for President to help shift mass consciousness and the challenging trajectory we are currently on, like Marianne Williamson and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. … IT ALL MATTERS.

Even though it looks like the world is crumbling, the world is actually awakening, just as powerfully if not more. My trip to Egypt demonstrated that clearly to me. Immediately as we arrived, we were told by spirit that our Mission was to activate sacred sites of Egypt.

We were told that humanity is Awakening, and it it time to bring the sacred sites of Egypt back to their original power for healing and acting as energy activators for humanity and the planet. And there were innumerable ongoing confirmations of those activations taking place! One amazing confirmation was the highly activated visionary art painting posted here of the Sphinx that I synchronistically received the day after our activation ceremony between the Paws of the Sphinx!

My trip to Egypt also reminded me that we have the support of many levels of higher forces, particularly on the Egypt journey. Not only did we receive ongoing and amazing channeled transmissions that informed us, but this support was also demonstrated visually as our space family appeared in a photo as a green sphere. This took place after we activated the Giza Pyramid for the second time on the last day. The green sphere was not visible to the eye, but it appeared in the photo as a picture was taken of Arcturian hybrid Viviane Chauvet. That green sphere most likely represents a ship. Perhaps they were letting us know they had been assisting us. Viviane Chauvet did say that it was her family.

We are all on Spiritual Journeys right now every day, every moment. Our life is a consistent Spiritual Journey where we can always choose to receive deep insight and helpful lessons from our daily experiences. We also have the support of higher spiritual energies. They are here to support because as we evolve, all of the Universe evolves. We are all connected.

And most important, we can all spread good vibes of healing, higher consciousness and love with everyone we connect with, which magnifies our power… to UNIFY.

When we each do our part, we rise together in love, support and higher consciousness. We will get through this. It is what we came for!

And to help you integrate these insights and your own evolutionary experience, here is something I can share with you now—my ebook called Ascension Tips. The book shares a very simple blueprint outlining our current Ascension Journey. You can download it for free at:

And I have much more to share later, so stay tuned!

Much love!
Debra Giusti

P.S. I have also posted these Egypt reports and photos of our mystical journey on my profile on Facebook and Instagram.

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