Global Meditation Event to Bring the Planet Towards Love & Light

Pluto-Saturn conjunction on Saturday brings shadow energy front and center. A unique opportunity as an extended community of Lightworkers to affect the timeline

Please join Lightworkers, Light Bearers, Gridworkers and Star Beings.
Here are 3 ways to participate
Join Cobra’s meditation on Sat., Jan 11, 10:11pm PT (not 10:11am PT) where we are working towards a critical mass of Lightworkers to affect the timeline. Click HERE for the guided meditation.
Another group is Ground Crew Control and 144K HQ who work with Laura Eisenhower (HERE is their podcast). Where they have many opportunities to participate through their podcast.
Or join Meg Benedicte and Manette Mays with Light Bearers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world for the Lunar Eclipse – Saturn/Pluto Conj Global Activations on Sat., Jan 11th at 12:00pm PT for $12. All Activations are recorded and available for Replay. Click HERE to join Meg’s event.
This weekend is an opportunity for us to come together as a spiritual community to pulse our 5d energy to help nudge a timeline towards what we all have been dreaming about.
We are being asked to be as clear and in our spiritual integrity as we can to be present for the events of this weekend. Anchor ourselves to our inner Body of Light, our spark of divinity and connect it with the Ineffable Source Consciousness All That Is, as we step in the ring where dark energies will be trying to get their way. 
What’s going on?
According to a number of different people including Meg BenedicteCobraLaura Eisenhower and others, this weekend is a extremely important time for our community of Lightworkers to come together with intentional prayer/meditation. Based on big astrological events, there is a specific theme here and is what is begging for our attention. In a nut shell, the theme is that the 5d transition is happening pretty slowly in part because the forces of control have such a grip. This weekend, astrologically is like a reckoning of these forces of control, in the collective and in ourselves, with the Pluto-Saturn conjunction on Saturday, where this shadow energy is being brought to front and center. We have an opportunity, as an extended community of Lightworkers to affect how this plays out. 
Cobra describes it like a timeline crux, where if we HAVE A CRITICAL MASS OF LIGHTWORKERS, that the timeline is pushed in a direction, like the new direction of a river, towards the Age of Aquarius, the 5d new world, and away from this timeline of further ongoing struggle. Cobra is using the number 144,000 Lightworkers as what is required to achieve this critical mass of spiritual energy to affect the timeline. 
This Pluto-Saturn conjunction is serious and happened, apparently, at the outbreak of the last two world wars. This is why our prayers for peace in the Middle East are especially important at this time (which it appears as of today that both the US and Iran are showing restraint and not wanting to escalate the conflict, which is wonderful and a huge relief).
Apparently there will be literally 2-3 million people in America alone who are apart of the Luciferian illuminati cult who will be doing their rituals to make this timeline go in the direction favorable to them. This is how serious this weekend is. Even for myself, I tend to not want to look at this, but this is one way of understanding this crux and we can have an even greater influence over their power, with the help from very eager higher dimensional forces, to sway the outcome towards Love and Light.  
Also, with the Pluto-Saturn conjunction, issues of how the financial elite have locked in their control over a more just financial system and this weekend and into next week is a way WE can help bust this open.
“The trading week between January 13th and 17th is the time of greatest probability that the situation in the financial markets will burst into a full crisis. The astrological chart of the opening of the New York Stock Exchange on Monday, January 13th, at 9:30 am EST shows a powerful exact quadruple Sun – Saturn – Pluto – Ceres conjunction with Saturn actually behind the sun.”
By coming together as a mass group of Lightworkers, we can pulse our energy towards breaking the log jam of financial control so that the release of the Global Currency Reset can finally come about. 
Special thanks to Dan Craig-Morse for providing this information!