Discover the Generous Loving Energy of Money

with Sarah McCrum

Wed. Jun 19, 5:30pm PT
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with Leading Author, Money Consciousness Teacher and Coach Sarah McCrum

Money wants for you what your soul wants for you…
Discover precise and practical methods to clear unhealthy imprints in your energy field.
Expand your vibrational capacity and receive the loving energy of money.
If the idea that “love is the energy of money” is RADICAL… then the idea that money exists in service to your soul is a GAME-CHANGER!
And it’s not only possible to heal your relationship with money, doing so is integral to fulfilling your highest purpose.
In spite of the laws of abundance and attraction, money theology, and self-help programs, most seekers’ ideas of money and how it works are still rooted in an underlying sense of scarcity, guilt, lack of self-worth, and fear of the power of money.
Yet, the energy of money is loving and generous and abundant beyond your imagination. It’s infinite, constantly available to every human being on the planet, and waiting for you to wake up and see money for what it really is.
Once you recognize the true nature of money, you’ll naturally let go of the unhealthy imprints in your energy field associated with your childhood experiences, family patterns, and a media-driven culture — enabling you to expand your vibrational capacity to embrace the exquisite energy of money.
You’ll effortlessly align with money’s generous, creative energy… and in a way which is conscious and supportive of your deepest values.  
Leading author, money consciousness teacher, and coach Sarah McCrum teaches that money simply wants for you what your soul wants for you…
Many of us learned to avoid money because we didn’t want to confront the issues and feelings we have about money… namely, fear, guilt, and shame. Yet, relating to money as an ally can bring a huge sense of relief.