Radical Compassion Challenge

Tue. Jan 21 - Thu. Jan 30 Awaken Our Hearts and Bring Healing to Our World Hosted by Tara Brach with 10 Speakers Maria Shriver, Daniel J. Siegel, MD, Kristin Neff, PhD, Elizabeth Gilbert, Dacher Keltner, PhD, Valerie Kaur, Sandra Oh, Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, Krista Tippett and Van Jones Are you ready to make a commitment to a more loving and compassionate world? We are too. That’s why Tara Brach and Sounds True created the Radical Compassion Challenge. We'd be thrilled to have you join us as we begin the new year with Tara and the intention to embody compassion-in-action. Each day of this inspiring ten-day event, you'll be invited to engage with a teaching session, a guided meditation, and a practical challenge presented by your host Tara Brach. After each day's teaching session, join Tara as she interviews ten of today's leading voices on the power of compassion

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Marianne For America! Marianne Williamson IS our voice to heal our country

The people of the United States are urgently in need of a consciousness uplift. Marianne Williamson’s candidacy for President of the United States is an evolutionary call to Americans to wake up to our higher destiny as a country and to reclaim our democracy. We need a voice of wisdom, a voice of love that can bring the healing and unification we desperately need. We need someone who can address the root cause of issues, both nationally and with our foreign policy. We need someone who speaks in a way that reminds us who we truly are. There is no one in the world today who is more uniquely gifted and able to be this voice than Marianne. This may be the only opportunity in our lifetime to have someone who represents our values and ideals and our hopes for a more enlightened world reach this level of visibility and potentially global influence.

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