AI: Ethics, Discernment & Spiritual Alignment in an Awakening World

With Debra Giusti and Scott Catamas

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Saturday, August 12

6 PM PDT • Register for Zoom Access

Discover What Leaders Are Saying About Ethics, Discernment & Spiritual Alignment around the AI Phenomena

About the Show

The evolution of AI- Artificial Intelligence into our world is one of the most significant issues of our times. Will it give us the freedom to expand our worlds into the true sci-fi reality, as we have seen predicted in the movies? Or does it pose an escalating imminent danger to our society and our world? Or is it both? Who has the power to determine this? What is the Transhumanism Agenda? How does our personal spiritual evolution and ascension process fit into all of this? We feel that ethics, discernment, and spiritual alignment are the important considerations that must be addressed. We are concerned about the race that the corporations are in to see who will create the most dominant models. Join us for deep conversations and revelations with experts in these fields. We will discuss these topics to provide insights and answers for the conclusions and decisions you can make for yourself.

Meet the Experts

Meet the experts that are passionate about this revolutionary topic:

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