Ascension Tips Workshop
At Soft Medicine

With Debra Giusti, Community Leader & Author of Ascension Tips—A Simple Blueprint to Support
Your Ascension Journey

debra giusti

Soft Medicine in The Loft

186 N Main St., Sebastopol, CA

Wednesday, August 23

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

At This Workshop, You'll Discover Your
Opportunity with the Planetary Ascension Now

Ascension Tips Workshop

Have you deeply sensed the massive shift that is occurring within yourself and throughout the planet? What is occurring now is the specific cycle on our planet called the “Planetary Ascension”.Ascension is the accelerated spiritual process presently taking place with all planetary lifeforms during this cosmic evolutionary cycle.

The Ascension Tips give a blueprint, a roadmap and guideline for one’s Ascension journey, so one can easily understand your process. Here’s 88 Tips are shared in four categories with 22 Tips each, including:

  1. Your Awakening 
  2. Complete Transmutation 
  3. Total Soul Embodiment 
  4. The Divine Human in the New Earth

The Ascension Tips will spark deep understandings & visions, memories & synchronicities, and inspire the process of activating your superpowers.

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  • Workshop is free.
  • Donate $10 to get a print version of the Ascension Tips booklet at the event.
  • Please BRING CASH, EXACT CHANGE, to get your copy.

You can also download the Ascension Tips booklet for free at:

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