Ascension Tips Workshop
At Soft Medicine

With Debra Giusti - Community Leader & Author of
Ascension Tips: A Simple Blueprint to Support Your Ascension Journey

debra giusti

Soft Medicine in The Loft

186 N Main St., Sebastopol, CA

Wednesday, January 24

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Tap Into the Wealth of Possibilities Present for You During This
Period of Collective Planetary Ascension

SSS: Super Sovereign Sisters Presents
Ascension Tips Workshop

Are you feeling the transformative changes and alchemical processes unfolding within yourself and throughout the planet? A profound shift is happening within you and reverberating across the world. It’s called the “Planetary Ascension.”

The Planetary Ascension is a remarkable evolutionary process that involves a collective shift in consciousness and energy, with individuals experiencing an awakening to higher levels of awareness and spiritual evolution. This transformation is envisioned as a movement towards a harmonious “New Earth” or “Golden Age,” often associated with ascending to higher dimensions of existence.

Are you ready to embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery and transformation? Imagine having a personalized guide, a blueprint, and a roadmap for your own Ascension journey. That’s precisely what the Ascension Tips offer—a treasure trove of insights and practical advice to help you comprehend and navigate your unique spiritual evolution. Delve into 88 Tips categorized into four powerful stages:

  1. Your Awakening 
  2. Complete Transmutation 
  3. Total Soul Embodiment 
  4. The Divine Human in the New Earth

These tips are more than just guidance; they’re catalysts for deep understanding, vivid visions, profound memories, and meaningful synchronicities. Get ready to unlock the door to your superpowers and be inspired as you step into a new realm of spiritual awakening and empowerment. Your journey begins here!

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