Ascension, Exopolitics & Disclosure 2021

Sun., Jan 3
Replay Available
6-Hour Webinar via Zoom
Featuring Laura Eisenhower, Michael Salla,
John DeSouza and Neil Gaur
Welcome to 2021. We are starting this year with a huge download and recap of last year and revolutionary info on the shifts now occurring.
Political unrest, awareness of global corruption, the existence of extraterrestrials, the truth of the monetary system, a sustainable way to live on the planet and our spiritual / vibratory essence are various dimensions of the evolution of consciousness.
As the years go by and we move into a world where hidden truths and ideas are becoming the norm; we are de-programming and re-educating ourselves on who we are and our relationship with Earth and the Cosmos.
Join Michael Salla, Laura Eisenhower, John DeSouza & Neil Gaur as we explore Ascension, Exopolitics & Disclosure 2021 and continue to create and move toward an awakened global community.
What will this world look like?
2021 Disclosure Updates
Quantum Physics and Advanced Tech
SSP & ET Experiencer Testimony
Astrological Alignments / Cosmic Shifts & More!