Embrace the Extremes of Darkness &
Light to Find Enlightened Consciousness

with Andrew Harvey

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Sat. Dec 12, 11:00am PT
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Free Online Event with Internationally Renowned Writer, Mystical Scholar & Spiritual Teacher Andrew Harvey
Connect to the Divine and Build Strength & Resilience by Recognizing Your Inner Opposites
Witness how the dance of opposites — “the wisdom of the serpent and the innocence of the dove” — can bring you to new levels of truth, compassion, and wisdom.
Many adjectives have been used to describe the last few months — unprecedented, surreal, etc. — but one has stood out from the rest: apocalyptic. If you’ve experienced that feeling of doom, you’re not alone.
The world is going through a very painful, grueling time in which everything is at stake. If we’re going to make it through this worldwide calamity, we’re going to need to be empowered at a much deeper and sacred level than we’ve ever been before.
Transcending this madness requires us to evolve to a new enlightened consciousness — the divine-human — one that brings two extremes together to birth a new world. Andrew Harvey, a prolific author and one of the greatest scholars of the world’s mystical traditions, shows us that to embody this new consciousness we need to marry the wisdom of the serpent with the innocence of the dove.
What does that mean exactly? The dove symbolizes divine consciousness, the knowledge that you are one with the eternal light. The serpent represents a self-renewing creature, one that can shed its skin again and again; it symbolizes suppleness and flexibility, which allows it to understand problems from every conceivable angle. Of course, as history has taught us, along with the Bible, parables, etc., the serpent also has a dark side.
In this special 60-minute event, Andrew will share how we must take on the extremes of darkness and light to be reborn on the other side of this global dark night. He’ll show how the dance of opposites — like the darkness of heartbreak — can be a friend to you, bringing you to new levels of truth, compassion, and wisdom.
Andrew will also demonstrate how if you truly want to birth the divine-human in yourself and experience authentic spirituality, you need to marry the opposites within yourself. You must learn to be just as wise, ruthless, and shrewd about the dark in the same way you are open to the light.
When you possess both forms of divine wisdom — the wisdom of the serpent and the innocence of the dove — you’re fortified and firmly anchored with strength and resilience to evolve through the perils of this desperate time.
Join us for a special online event where Andrew will do a reading from Rumi, the 13th-century Persian poet, on heartbreak, and guide you through a cleansing meditation where you’ll revisit a personal, painful moment. You’ll let your thoughts and emotions pass through you so you can meet them with courage and understanding, embracing how heartache wants you to transform and become.