Channeling to Galactic Integration
with the Arcturians

with Saryon Michael White

Sun., Aug 11, 12:00pm – 2:00pm PT
Replay Available
Online Webinar
The Arcturians are among the most spiritually advanced civilizations in the galaxy, and they have a unique and divinely appointed role as midwives to the birth of our unified consciousness.
Even more so, they are assisting those of us drawn to be way-showers and models of an ascension process that involves becoming integrated with the Galactic Spectrum of Consciousness.
Join Saryon for an enlightening and activation exploration that will attune your channel to the over-lighting support of the Arcturians. Hear from our galactic teachers and guides as we open to new levels of connection. 
Crossing the Threshold into awareness of the Galactic Community is one of the most profound shifts that will occur in this century. This involves more than just the recognition that we are not alone. It is our emergence into a more telepathic environment that has the potential to vastly accelerate our consciousness. Modeling this shift and gaining the discernment needed to establish ourselves as a sovereign planetary race is a key to our purpose. This is part of the legacy we will leave future generations that will grow up with the knowledge that we are gaining through the breakthroughs in consciousness we are making now.
  • Channeling as a method of experiencing ET Contact
  • Connect with the friendship and support of the Arcturians
  • Discover a whole new understanding of ascension as a process of Galactic Integration through working with your Oversoul and Higher Self
  • Activate your connection to the Integration Chamber of the Oversoul with the support of our Arcturian Guides
  • Master the keys to the process of channeling and connecting with the Arcturians and other ascended ET Races
  • Embrace your divinely appointed role as a Planetary Guardian