The Stargate Experience + Asil: A Torrent of Light

A Celestial Collaboration
Sat. Aug 22 & Sun. Aug 23, 10am-4pm PT each day
Replay Available
2-Day Livestream Meditation and Energetic Alignment Experience with The Stargate Experience & Asil Toksal channeling the energies of Alcazar, The Elohim, Rafael and Emmanuel together!
In this unique two-day online weekend event, Asil, who channels Elohim, and Prageet and Julieanne of The Stargate Experience, who channel the celestial guide Alcazar, are coming together to channel, streaming live from Mount Shasta!
AsilPrageet, and Julieanne will all be in channeling state at the same time, bringing through this extraordinary confluence of energy, amplified by both Mount Shasta and the Stargate.
“It is with great joy to bring these two rivers of energy together to create a grand torrent of consciousness to humanity.” — Alcazar
It will feature channeled wisdom, energetic alignment sessions, and guided meditations. Within the high vibrational energy fields created, you will be invited to simply relax as your awareness expands, your sensitivity is enhanced, and inner gifts, balance and states of higher consciousness emerge.
Alcazar and Elohim had this to say about the collaboration and the potentials for this event:
“There is great excitement and expectation for the potentials that you hold, with all of you combining your energetics, your intention and your availability, so that we can bring through each and every one of you energy, gifts to humanity. For Indeed, as you see, it is desperately needed in these times. The more that humanity can awaken, the less painful experiences they will have to go through. Difficult times are indeed on your horizon. This is why we are all coming together. This is why many, many around your world are also focusing on elevating consciousness here. In the other realms, we are working together, as you are working together here.” — Alcazar
“Those that receive, those that hold and transmit the frequencies delivered, the transmissions delivered, will be the ones to support all of humanity, the collective. And so this collaboration becomes an essential aspect of the accelerated support of humanity’s evolution of consciousness. May you all receive this word in its purest intent, and it’s purest love so that you, your life, your relationships, and all that you stand for may be elevated in the best possible way. Thank you for receiving.” — Elohim
Please join us for this extraordinary weekend!