The Holy Womb Chakra Teachings

The Ancient System to Clear Negative Energies
from Past Love Relationships,
Link with the Divine Feminine &
Unlock Your Power for Healing, Soul Evolution & Spiritual Service
Online course open to people of ALL sexes & ALL stages of life
8 sessions online • September 22 – October 27, 2020
Led by Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D.
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Discovering the Secret of the Holy Womb Chakra
Hidden within you is a portal to divine creation energy & a key to accessing the power of miracles. This portal is the Womb Chakra, an energy field that dwells within all people, regardless of gender.
Once cleared & healed, the Womb Chakra is the highest, holiest place in your body & a tool for profound transformation in your life & in our world.
The Holy Womb Chakra Teachings provide you with special, grounded methods for healing & charging this enormously powerful chakra, knowledge of which has been suppressed for 7000 years. These ancient wisdom teachings have only recently been recovered & offered to the world by the late Hindu saint Sri Kaleshwar, and are now being made available by a growing group of certified teachers.
What You’ll Get from This Course
 A sacred, step-by-step PRACTICE (using special yogic prayer mantras & sacred yantra drawings) for clearing yourself of sexually based negativity, wounding & karma ­– both personal & collective.
 Channels for enhancing a healthy love partnership – which you can also share with others individually as part of your healing work.
▼ Practices to heal your relationship with your mother, whether she is in her body or in the realm of the ancestors – leading to a foundational positive shift in your life.
 Channels for parents to consciously conceive a child, which you can also share with others as part of your work.
 Channels for healing your body/mind/spirit of chronic issues.
 A lifetime means for drawing the energy of Mother Divine into your soul for healing, guidance, spiritual growth & the fueling of your creative projects.
 Other mystical teachings about the nature of reality & the role of the Divine Feminine in universal creation that will bring incredible enlightenment to you.
▼ Option for certification to teach the entire body of teachings to others.
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