Tantra Mantra and Chakra Toning

with Wayne Perry

Sat. Oct 12, 12:00pm – 3:00pm PT
Replay Available
Webinar via Zoom
Discover the secrets to using the natural vibrational healing power inherent in the human voice to clear, strengthen and balance the chakras.
Since our bodies are literally made up of energy vibrating at various rates of frequency, we can easily learn to master those frequencies and vibrations with sound and toning for enhanced health and wellness.
Join internationally renowned sound healer, WAYNE PERRY, founder/director of the Sound Therapy Center of Los Angeles since 1992, for an interesting, illuminating, and entertaining journey into chakra & tantra toning. This presentation will conclude with a demonstration of regenerative sound and a special group “chakra chant”, facilitated by Mr. Perry for all attending participants. No singing or musical experience is necessary.
  • Understand the differences between tantra and tantric sex; sound therapy and music therapy.
  • Know how and why we are instinctually using toning sounds in our everyday life.
  • Implement the Tantra Mantra and Sonic Meditation for raising one’s frequency.
  • Learn how to actively listen, receive, and create regenerative sound for enhanced wellness and body resonance.
  • Apply specific vocal tones & sounds for resonating, strengthening and clearing each chakra.
  • Learn, add, and utilize tantric toning within one’s healing practice for empowered tantric healing. 
  • Use grounding tones for more focus, clarity and calm. 
  • Learn and utilize the most powerful chakra toning exercise available. 
  • Use Wayne’s popular chakra chant for an instant tuneup!