Activate Your Soul Tribe

A Book Born For These Times
by Debra Giusti

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Dear Transformation Paradigm Community –
I wrote this book 2 years ago, and I believe it is more important now than ever before. During these unprecedented times, we may be feeling disconnected and separated,
and may be finding ourselves missing deep, heartfelt relationships more than ever.
This book grew out of a lifelong passion to find and connect with my “Soul Tribe” and “Soul Family”. This goal was deeply manifested as I produced the Harmony Festival from 1978-2011 in Santa Rosa, CA drawing 30,000 participants, and it was the first major Transformational Festival offering music, art, ecology, health and spiritual resources. I now offer you this book and bonus template as inspiration to attract, identify and “Activate Your Soul Tribe”. You are all more supported than you can possibly imagine.               
Debra Giusti, producer of Transformation Paradigm eNewsletter
In search of the Perfect Gift
for your friends & family this holiday season?
Activate Your Soul Tribe ebook” offers you the wisdom and tools that can help you manifest a thriving community and empowered relationships!
This e-book will share with you how to:
• Find Your Spiritual Soul Family
• Understand how to powerfully fulfill your “Soul Contracts” with your “Soul Tribe” and “Soul Family”
• Build your ULTIMATE community support systems for a fulfilling life!
Activate Your Soul Tribe is a simple, easy-to-digest yet powerful guide book perfect for your family, tribe & community.
Don’t forget to get one for yourself too!
Ever feel alone on your path?
Sometimes forget the magical network of support you have?
Seeking more aligned and like-minded friends and co-creators?
It is becoming ever more apparent that us humans are inherently connected and exquisitely interdependent. As we move through more global crises, a sliver of silver lining lays in the recognition of a sense of being a part of a global family.
Yet at the same time isolation, polarization, loneliness, and fear are plaguing individuals and communities at large with no hope of alleviation.
Just in time, Debra Giusti’s new book offers straightforward and comprehensive secrets to re-instill deep hope of living joyful, connected, and purposeful lives with highly aligned and magically resonant communities.
Activate Your Soul Tribe offers you an enchanting portrait of what having a thriving community and empowered relationships feels like and looks like, while offering simple and reliable strategies to manifest them for yourself.
A massive evolutionary shift is now taking place that is beaconing you to become your best self and fulfill your divine purpose. The best way you can do that is through a supportive community and evolutionary relationships. What you can achieve as part of a larger whole is immense, and far greater than what you as an individual alone can generate.
Trust the feeling deep in your heart that you belong to something much bigger, and let that feeling guide you towards your destiny and towards your beloved Soul Tribe and Soul Family.
Having the knowledge of who is in your Soul Tribe and Soul Family, and understanding what Soul Contracts are being fulfilled, gives you the “Power of Awareness” to make more conscious choices, have stronger, clearer, and healthier expanded relationships, and generate more productive, valuable and creative opportunities in your life.
In this book you will:
  • DISCOVER how evolving and utilizing these Soul Tribe relationships will offer you valuable and beneficial life lessons and support you in discovering and implementing your Divine Mission.
  • LEARN to create and manifest way beyond what you are capable of doing alone, or even seems humanly possible, through mega-manifesting and working in high-collaboration with your Soul Tribe and Family.
  • CREATE greater ease, joy, and fulfillment in your life and relationships by fine-tuning your awareness of your Soul Contracts with your Soul Tribe.
Collectively manifesting things with your Soul Tribe and Soul Family generates greater outcomes, more creative results, and more synergized, harmonious and coherent efforts.
Plus, with a purchase of the Activate Your Soul Tribe book, you’ll receive access to a free download of our Soul Family Archetype Templates.
The Activate Your Soul Tribe book and accompanying Soul Family Archetype Templates are your guideposts to creating your ultimate community and greatest relationships.
Your FREE Soul Family Archetype Templates will support you to:
  • DEFINE your existing relationships for clarity and empowerment
  • CREATE a beautiful and useful document to effortlessly communicate with your Soul Family
  • UTILIZE time-honored archetypes to catalyze the recognition of your Soul Family
  • PINPOINT exactly who is missing in your Soul Family so you can consciously call them in!
Whether you feel like you have an extensive support network now or you feel like you do not have enough support in your life, filling out these templates will begin to awaken the magical network of Soul Family that is energetically “waiting in the wings” for you to discover them.
Trust us… they are there!
Everyone Has A Soul Tribe! Find & Enrich Yours.