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Lifelong New Years Resolution- #1

My New Year’s LIFELONG RESOLUTIONS. There are just some things now, at 62 years old (OMG) that can’t be a resolution for this year, but need to be a lifelong commitments, if your goal is to create a healthy, holy, happy life, which mine definitely is. And I will share with you each day what those are for me.

LIFELONG RESOLUTION #1-MOVE EVERYDAY. For health, vitality, and sanity, it’s important to move my body, chi, and reality everyday. So every day I do something, whether it‘s a dance class (ballet, modern, jazz, belly dance, Ecstatic Dance, Soul Motion, Fusion Dance!), Yoga, Pilates, work with weights, or just take a walk/run. I confess because of my current commitment to connect the Bay Area resources online with Debra Recommends and Harmony Connects, and other things that I and passion about, I’m on the computer about 10 hours a day. Not a good program for healthy and happy, so my antidote is moving every day.

And if I don’t one day, that’s okay because the next day I will! There are so many wonderful resources in the Bay Are,a there’s no excuse these days to be inspired to move. In Sebastopol we have a dozen yoga centers. One of my favorite is place to work out in Sebastopol is Julie Marques “Move to Change” which has yoga, Jen Healy Ariel Yoga Play, Pilates Bar, and even Bollywood classes. And of course you can find Ecstatic Dance, Soul Motion, or Sweat Your Prayers everywhere. So where’s the time? Were there is an intention, there’s always a way. And my intention is to share with you my current LIFELONG RESOLUTIONS, approximately one per day. Much love.

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