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Debra Giusti's 2023 Egypt
Ascsension Activation Experience!

DAY 3: Prioritizing the Divine Perspective and Taking Inspired Action

DAY 3 of my Spiritual Adventure Journey to Egypt is a day of MORE major travel. The overarching energies of the day are: experiencing that we are all very Human, and being tested to prioritize “Divine Perspective and Action.” When you commit to a spiritual journey, it starts as soon as you make that decision to go. Everything that happens after that moment including how you understand, experience and take action for and during your trip, informs and supports all the spiritual insights you will receive from your journey. This includes dealing with all the doubts and challenges after making that decision. For me, these doubts included: 1) How can I take 2 weeks of my wonderfully very full and complex life and devote it to my spirituality and mission? 2) Should I really be spending this very large amount of money on myself and my mission, instead of practical

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DAY 2: Between the Paws of the Sphinx and the Giza Pyramid! 

The journey begins and the mystery grows! Today we activated spiritual transmissions as we held sacred space between the Paws of the Sphinx. We also experienced deep energetic activations and information in the King’s Chamber and the Queen’s Chamber. I share all about it in this post! We are staying at the Mena House in Cairo, which is the number one hotel to stay in Egypt, if you want to be right next to the Giza Pyramids. Originally built in 1886, it is now a five-star hotel, which is extremely comfortable and beautiful with a view of the 3 Pyramids. We’ve actually got 100 people on this tour that are part of the Stargate community and they are mostly women! So I feel like I’m also on a deep sacred journey with the divine feminine as well. But the bottom line I’m hearing from the guides of the spiritual journey

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Day 1: Debra’s 2023 Egypt Activations!

I am beginning my travel to Egypt for a “12 Day Spiritual Journey” from September 18 to 30, 2023! I’ll be visiting all the major Pyramids and Temples of Egypt for revolutionary insights, potent activations, and deep evolutions. I am going with incredible guides, Prageet and Julianne of “The Stargate” and Viviane Chauvet who is an “Arcturian Hybrid”. And you’re welcome to join me on this journey through my blog, this page on Facebook and via my Instagram page! (See links at the end) “Goddess Isis” greeted me at the airport as you can see from the photo here, as I would expect 🙂 I have been aligned with her very consciously and deeply since I was invited to become a Priestess of Isis in 2004, right after I produced the 25th annual Health and Harmony Festival. After that, I turned the festival into a group community project called the

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