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Debra Giusti's 2023 Egypt
Ascsension Activation Experience!

Egypt Day 12: Reflection, Integration & DEEP Gratitude!

My journey home was a long one as my plane was late, so I missed a connecting flight in Istanbul. I spent a night there before my direct flight home. Since I am a master at “making lemonade”, it gave me time to REFLECT and review this very special trip to Egypt with 100 women and 3 spiritual teachers, who all got called to go to that ancient land at this critical time on the planet. I also began to INTEGRATE all the energies, insights and experiences, catching up with myself after an amazing and challenging journey. It was amazing because we truly fulfilled our mission of activating the sacred sites of Egypt. (Read previous posts to hear about all the confirmations we received about this!)  And it was challenging because we covered a huge amount of ground in a short period of time, visiting one or two sites a

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Egypt Day 11: The Final Activation at the Giza Pyramid on the Full Moon!

Yes, believe it or not, the photo above IS a green sphere / orb / ship / portal on the side of the Giza Pyramid! Read on to find out how that photo happened, and why I know it was not photoshopped! The activation of the Giza Pyramid on the last day was the most awesome experience of the whole trip—it was like the icing on the whole delicious cake! Although honestly, I am grateful for the whole experience, as it was a total mind blower, and provided deep evolution for me on all levels. As I shared previously when we began the first day of our trip and had special private access to do activations between the Paws of the Sphinx and in the King’s Chamber of the Giza Pyramid, we were informed that our main mission on this trip was to support the Activations of the Sacred Sites

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Egypt Day 10: The Egyptian Museum in Cairo!

I had one of the most awesome experiences at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, where you can get up close and personal with fascinating authentic items from past times in Egypt! This includes incredible statues and art, items from the royalty such as thrones & crowns, and personal household items such as jewelry, vases, and tools. You’ll find mummies, painted caskets, and even small figurines that show how life in Egypt might have been. If you spend a little time with these objects, they can tell you stories, spark memories, and at the least expand your imagination of how it was in those times. I have very strong past life memories of Egypt that get rekindled as I am at the sacred sites and definitely when I am at the sacred sites. I am really attracted to the jewelry, because it spurs memories of how the jewelry was not only

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Egypt 2023 – DAY 9: Bulls & Gods & Orbs, Oh My!

Saqqara is an Egyptian village in the Markaz county of Badrashin near Giza, where ancient burial grounds of Egyptian royalty are found. This area contains over twenty pyramids including the famous Step Pyramid of Djoser and many thousands of tombs. The most inspiring experience there was visiting the Serapeum of Saqqara, an ancient Egyptian burial place for sacred bulls of the Apis cult at Memphis. Ancient Egyptians believed the bulls were incarnations of the god Ptah, who would become immortal after death as Osiris-Apis. This was an underground chamber containing twelve chambers with huge sarcophagi for the bulls. The sarcophagi were made of granite that, as I’ve shared before, came from hundreds of miles away. No one understands how they were transported there let alone underground, or how they did the incredibly fine work of cutting them and carving the art on the outside. These remnants are truly a wonder

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Egypt 2023 – DAY 8: 4-Day Nile Cruise Conclusion

Now I’ll share about my final experiences on the Nile Cruise Ship. Traveling on the Nile from Luxor to Aswan is an incredible experience. You get to see the beauty of Egypt on the banks of the Nile as well as visiting the temples and sacred sites. Our whole 100 person tour had the boat to ourselves so it really created a sacred container where we got to meet almost every day for meditation and deep reflection on all that we had experienced. Our tour guide Mohammed of Saba Tours gave a presentation on the true wisdom of Ancient Egypt. His talks also confirm how it is obvious that the history of earth and Egypt is much older than current modern Egyptologists proclaim. The ancient Egyptian civilization clearly had access to advanced technology to create all the wonders they built. He further confirmed that the hieroglyphics and ancient art demonstrate

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Egypt 2023 – DAY 7: Activations In the Temple of Isis

This was a very important spiritual excursion because I’m very connected with Isis, having been ordained in 2005 as a Priestess of Isis. The Temple of Isis in Egypt holds immense spiritual significance. Isis, one of the most important goddesses of ancient Egypt, was a great magician whose power transcended that of all the other deities. She played several roles in Egyptian mythology:  1) Mother: Isis served as a role model for all. 2) Mourner: Isis was instrumental in rites connected with the dead.  3) Healer: She cured the sick and brought the dead back to life. She was acknowledged as a powerful deity who could protect people from harm, bring them luck, grant wishes, and heal illnesses. This visit to the temple during this trip was a very different experience from when I was there in 2015. At that time, I was traveling with five women and we called

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Egypt 2023 – DAY 6: Edfu Temple dedicated to Horus and the Beautiful Egyptian Women

Today, we continue to cruise down the Nile from Luxor to Aswan. About half way is Edfu Temple which has a strong religious significance in ancient Egypt. It is a sacred site which had been dedicated to the veneration of Horus, embodying divine protection and power. Pilgrims and devotees flocked to this temple to seek blessings, perform rituals, and connect with the sacred. Horus, the falcon-headed sky God, was the son of Isis and Osiris. He was believed to have been the first divine king of Egypt, meaning that all the other pharaohs were descendants of Horus. Horus was the protector of every ruler of Egypt, and pharaohs were believed to be the living Horus. He was associated with kingship and was the personification of royalty and divine power. This temple is very beautiful. There are many significant spiritual teachings carved onto the walls. One of the walls is called

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Egypt 2023 – DAY 5.1: Dendera – The Temple of Hathor ~ WOW! Definitely the Temple of the Goddess

Hathor was honored as the Egyptian Goddess of Love, Fertility, Music and Dancing. She was also regarded as a Goddess of Healing, as evidenced in the sanatorium of the temple complex where pilgrims would come to be cured by the Goddess. There are three temples to experience in the complex: 1) The Birthing Temple in the front 2) The Temple of Isis behind the main temple, and  3) The spectacular main temple dedicated to Hathor, which is 1 of the most well preserved temples in Egypt with the incredible paintings and art still intact. Our tour guide Mohammed told us that this Temple revealed the art of healing through vibration and sound as one of its superpowers. He said this art is highly developed in this temple. It is known that the temple utilized music, song and dance to raise the vibration for higher spiritual experience and healing. Also many

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Egypt 2023 – DAY 5.0: Karnak Temple in Luxor ~ Thebes! Totally magnificent!

Karnak was considered one of the most sacred sites in Egypt and a center of ancient faith during the New Kingdom. It served as the earthly residence of the gods and a portal connecting the mortal realm to the Divine. The temple history claims it was built at the spot where Ptah, the creator God, began his work of creation. The rituals performed within its walls exalted the connection and communication with the gods, and enhanced the ability to receive of their gifts and blessings which would ensure the evolution and well-being of Egypt and its people. Karnak is Egypt’s largest temple complex, and is dedicated to the all-powerful Egyptian God Amun-Re. The recorded peak was 1550 until 1070 B.C.E. But our tour guide Mohammed shared with us that many of the temples, pyramids and monoliths were created and utilized way earlier than traditional historical records proclaim. This information around

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Egypt 2023 – DAY 4.2: Luxor, Abydos and the Temple of Osiris

We have boarded a cruise ship on the Nile at Luxor and will be on it for four days traveling to Aswan. This is an amazing area with many temple complexes and sacred sites that we can access from Luxor. When we cruise down the Nile, we will have access to even more potent ancient places. Our entire group of 100 people has taken over the whole ship, which is wonderful! We are able to co-create, holding the high vibe and focused intention that we all came on this journey for. As we visit these amazing temple complexes on this trip, we begin to really grok what life was like at various stages in ancient times. It is clear that the ancient Egyptian civilizations valued and prioritized spiritual development and divine power above all else. The rulers were not just politicians, but they were spiritual leaders for the society. The

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Egypt 2023 – DAY 4.1: Pure Fun in a Balloon Ride at Dawn Over Luxor

We were given the opportunity of a Balloon Ride over Luxor! This was not about cultivating deep spiritual understanding and being, as we had been focusing on during a lot of the trip. But this was basically pure childlike fun and the kind of experience that inspired a big smile on our faces nonstop. And that is also really good for the soul. The only catch is that the bus leaves at 4:20 AM. The goal was to be in the balloon as the sun rose. About half the group, 50 people, were up for this adventure. We left in the dark on the bus to the river, and took a boat to the other side. We then went to the balloon staging area. About 20 balloons were preparing to go up at the same time. We witnessed what seemed like hundreds of Egyptian men swarming around the balloons on

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DAY 4.0 of my Spiritual Adventure Journey to Egypt –  SPIRITUAL CONFIRMATION! Have you ever experienced an outrageously over-the-top, hard to believe metaphysical or multidimensional spiritual event that was a big Aha Moment for you? It may have come with a spiritual teacher, during a huge life experience, in a dream, or maybe even during a plant medicine journey. Was it so outrageous that after it happened, you don’t even quite believe it? Then right afterwards, Spirit, or you might say your spiritual guides, or just Life Itself, taps you on the shoulder and drops in a synchronistic message confirming that the depth of your experience was totally real. This may be a message, a symbol, a piece of art or another experience that helps you to realize that what you experienced was not something imagined, but something that truly happened. Well, this is what happened right after the Spiritual

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