Deep Space Producer’s Interview Trailer

Deep Space Producer’s Interview Trailer With Jay Weidner & Melissa Tittl

Regina Meredith interviews Jay Weidner and Melissa Tittl, producers of Gaia’s Deep Space – Inside the Secret Space Program Series concerning the creation of the series.

Deep Space producers Jay Weidner and Melissa Tittl are not waiting for permission and are going ahead with full disclosure of extraterrestrials and the secret space program. We have come a long way from ridiculing extraterrestrial contact. Credible witnesses have come forward and NASA and other credible sources have released high-resolution images of planets and moons in our solar system in what seems like a measured effort to get us ready for full disclosure. Careful study of such images reveals artificial structures. It is becoming clear that such information is being leaked bit by bit in an effort to soften potential societal impacts. Although quite a bit of disclosure information has been revealed, it has gone unreported by mainstream media. Gaia’s Deep Space series is breaking the silence.

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