Disclosure & Advanced Technology

With Emery Smith
2 Day Online Retreat

Sat. Jun 20 – Sun. Jun 21
Part One: Saturday 9am-12pm PT
Part Two: Sunday 9am-12pm PT
Replay Available
Online Via Zoom
Join Emery Smith for this 2 day / 7 hour experience online. Emery will be bringing on some guests to discuss technologies, health related breakthroughs and much more. There will be a segment for Q&A as well as interviews and time to go deep into some specific topics.
Featured Guests:
Randy Veitenheimer (interview on Saturday)
Randy is an energy healer. As a member of the Potawatomi tribe from Tecumseh, Oklahoma, he learned at a very young age the power of plants and vibration in the healing process. At around the age of 19 he began his in-depth studies of martial arts, which led to other forms of energy transfer and healing practices from world-renowned masters and teachers. Randy developed a healing method he calls Creative Energetic Health.
Doug Ivanovich (interview on Saturday)
Doug is the president of World Peace One. Tune in for this conversation. You will be transported into another level of disclosure.
Swaha Ron and wife
Tison from Anu Alchemy
All attendees will get unlimited replay access to this event to view back at their own leisure
Part One: Saturday 9am-12pm PT ~ 12pm – 3pm ET
Part Two: Sunday 9am-12pm PT ~ 12pm – 3pm ET