The Human Hybridization Program

with Geraldine Orozco

Sun. Dec 20, 12:00pm – 2:00pm PT
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Online via Zoom entrepreneur, speaker, radio host and author Geraldine Orozco
A deep dive into the origins, processes and reasons for the hybridization program.
Genetically Modified Humans
Hybridization, Transhumanism and Mind Control
Thousands of men and woman claim experiencing Extraterrestrial contact that result in reproductive issues, Trauma, as well as conscious and non-conscious experiences with children presented as their own.
Why is this phenomenon occurring around the world?
How does it happen?
Are these children a product of extraterrestrials or a hidden terrestrial program?
If so, why are certain humans utilized for this program? What will be the end goal and purpose of these children, Could you be one of them?
We take a deep dive into the origins, processes, and reasons for the hybridization program. Does the human race have a choice of whether to participate in these programs?
China has become the first Hi-tech police controlled country with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence, and a heavy push internationally for face recognition technology, our bio information is quickly becoming the next control factor.
In the name of Science, many sectors are now pushing for the collection of a world DNA Database through 23andMe and others. What makes our genetic code so important since the conception of life on this planet. Could it be that other species have utilized this as a controlling factor in genetic modification through a fabricated evolution?
DNA is the currency of our multidimensional universe
and you are a part of it.
In Our Workshop The Topics Discussed Include:
Holographic DNA
DNA as the currency of the past, present and the future.
The powerful connection between DNA and consciousness
How we provide the structural design for the architecture of multiverses with human biotechnology at its core
And More