Best Selling 3-Course Holiday Bundle

with Tricia McCannon ~ Available Now ~ Replay Available 3 Bestselling Courses as a special bundle, tied up with a bow at 53% off! Discover the hidden secrets of Master Initiate Jesus, the Solar Lords, and the Tree of Life in our 3-course holiday bundle with Mystic, Scholar, and Mysteries Expert Tricia McCannon. The Lost Years of Jesus and Secret Schools of Initiation, The Return of the Solar Lords and the Galactic Awakening, and The Tree of Life and the Way of the Return - all bestsellers - all with Mysteries Expert Tricia McCannon - and all for you!

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The Nature of Reality

with Deepak Chopra ~ Available Now ~ Replay Available FREE course with personal transformation pioneer Deepak Chopra plus get access to for 6 Days with Registration Special membership pricing available at until Dec 24 Explore ~ Who am I and what is my purpose?

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The Quest for The Holy Grail & The Grail Stone

with Tricia McCannon Sun, Dec 6, 12:00pm - 3:00pm PT Replay Available Webinar via Zoom In this deep historically based presentation, long time initiate of the Mysteries, Tricia McCannon, takes you into the workings of this mysterious and powerful Inner Circle, sharing their core teachings, special mantras, and some of the various Orders and levels of Initiation from their lineage.

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Nexus Healing Dare To Discover The True You!

I’ll Start Tomorrow. Or Monday. Or Maybe After. If you could receive a list of every opportunity you’ve missed, waiting for ‘the right moment,’ instead of creating it, would you want to see it? How about every self-sabotaging thought you’ve let deprive you of greatness? Life can be tricky to navigate. No one denies that, certainly not me. But are you avoiding wrong decisions, or all them, including the right ones? Are you living with purpose, or are you a boat, drifting, lost at sea, unable to see paradise just on the horizon? What It Means to Meet Your Higher Self Raising your vibration, silencing your internal saboteur, and turning negative thoughts into positive ones is such a small part of getting in touch with your Higher Self. While the emotional and mental aspects are crucial, the body is just as important. It is not enough to realize your purpose and potential – you have to fill your physical self with that purpose and potential, and use this as fuel to live and create limitlessly! Find that perfect stillness that keeps you moving, increases self-belief, and attracts better outcomes regardless of how challenging the situation. You Want Answers. So Did I. Let Me Help You Find Yours.

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Discover the Mystical Transfigurations of Kabir, Christ, Rumi & Shams with Andrew Harvey

Sat. Nov. 9, REPLAY AVAILABLE Discover the alchemical transfiguration at the core of all mystical traditions — through the lives of Kabir, Christ, Rumi, and Shams. Transform (rather than transcend) difficulties — awakening to your sacred identity, radical new love, and your divine light within. What if the “death” of the world and life you once knew were preparing you for the birth of something beautiful beyond your imagining... What if you could tap into vast reservoirs of peace, hope, and joy at will... no matter your external circumstances or the troubles of the world... And, what if the transfiguration of Christ was not a great exception but a great example of what’s possible when human consciousness expands to receive the Divine? According to renowned scholar-mystic and author Andrew Harvey, the transfiguration process embodied by Christ’s resurrection is actually an authentic mystical path to divinity that each of us can follow...

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