Discover the Mystical Transfigurations
of Kabir, Christ, Rumi & Shams

Free Online Event Internationally Renowned Scholar-Mystic & Author Andrew Harvey

Sat. Nov. 9, 10:00 AM
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Discover the alchemical transfiguration at the core of all mystical traditions — through the lives of Kabir, Christ, Rumi, and Shams.
Transform (rather than transcend) difficulties — awakening to your sacred identity, radical new love, and your divine light within.
What if the “death” of the world and life you once knew were preparing you for the birth of something beautiful beyond your imagining…
 What if you could tap into vast reservoirs of peace, hope, and joy at will… no matter your external circumstances or the troubles of the world…
And, what if the transfiguration of Christ was not a great exception but a great example of what’s possible when human consciousness expands to receive the Divine?
According to renowned scholar-mystic and author Andrew Harvey, the transfiguration process embodied by Christ’s resurrection is actually an authentic mystical path to divinity that each of us can follow…
“This is the great radical, revolutionary secret,” says Andrew, “because it reveals that the end of evolution is not for the human race to vanish into light — the end of evolution is for the whole human race to be divinized heart, mind, soul, and body, to be brought into living godhood. ”
This “secret of secrets” tells us that you cannot rebirth yourself as a divine human and the most authentic version of your Self unless you first experience the “death” of who you thought you were — a time of trial in which false ideals are shed. In other words, without the crucifixion, there can be no resurrection.
When this death of Self beckons you into the darkness of the unknown, something new is forged within you… a sacred identity. This process is precisely what helps you lose your layers of falsity so you can birth the gold of an awakened life…
You then acknowledge and face life’s hardships but are also able to see them — along with everything else — as a radiant expression of the Divine. You become more fully grounded on the Earth and more luminous, filled with higher wisdom and light…
By aligning yourself with this most amazing possibility of what you can become, of what is already alive in the heart-mind of God, this revolution of consciousness leads to a tremendously richer and more joyful life, permeated with divine presence.
The transfiguration archetype is at the core of all mystical traditions, says Andrew, all of which tell us that this new “divine human,” this “engoldened soul,” is our ultimate destination.