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Egypt 2023 – DAY 4.2: Luxor, Abydos and the Temple of Osiris

We have boarded a cruise ship on the Nile at Luxor and will be on it for four days traveling to Aswan. This is an amazing area with many temple complexes and sacred sites that we can access from Luxor. When we cruise down the Nile, we will have access to even more potent ancient places. Our entire group of 100 people has taken over the whole ship, which is wonderful! We are able to co-create, holding the high vibe and focused intention that we all came on this journey for.

As we visit these amazing temple complexes on this trip, we begin to really grok what life was like at various stages in ancient times. It is clear that the ancient Egyptian civilizations valued and prioritized spiritual development and divine power above all else. The rulers were not just politicians, but they were spiritual leaders for the society. The high priests and priestesses deeply guided the society. So power, or being a ruler or leader was not determined by just how much money, possessions, or land someone owned, as it is largely determined by today. In those ancient times, it was a person’s spiritual power and deep wisdom that created their status in society.

The Egyptians had incredible focus and understanding combined with the ability to access the spiritual world ~ what we call the unseen world. Some of the art on the walls of the temples depicts the process of spiritual evolution in which individuals learn to access other realms and spiritual power.

Egyptians and especially the High Priests and Priestesses were in deep ongoing communication and connection with what we interpret as deities of the higher realms, who were clearly from other worlds. You will see depictions of what we may call “portals” into other dimensions, from which knowledge and power were accessed.

Through the sacred art that graces the walls of the temples, you’ll see the stories of deities such as Isis, Osiris, Horus, Thoth, Hathors, and many, many more. These deities guided the people of those times on all levels of life towards personal spiritual evolution, which included understanding how to have direct access to and experience of the power of the unseen world. There was a deep focus on how to grow spiritually, develop and participate in higher realms, and develop higher wisdom.

Were these Deities beings from other higher and/or alternative dimensions? Or are they extraterrestrials as some current researchers now imply? Or do we see them like Ascended Masters, those that have evolved and exist primarily in the higher realms, but can come back to support as such as Jesus, Mary Magdalene, St. Germain and others? Whatever the case may be, these beings had huge influence to create a very affluent and vast society for thousands and thousands of years—an abundant world scene that we still don’t fully understand.

Fortunately, our guide Mohammed has deeply researched and studied Egyptian archaeology and history beyond the limits of traditional Egyptian archaeology. He has a vast understanding of the art and symbols which transcends current limited mainstream interpretations. He speculates that the deities also potentially gave the people of those times access to technological resources that allowed society to function on a very advanced level, possibly way beyond what we can understand during these current times.

There are various symbols on the wall that could be interpreted as such if one has the eyes to see. This could include antigravity technology and Stargate Portals which allow travel into other worlds. Access to this advanced technology could begin to explain how they created the huge temples, pyramids and monoliths that modern society still cannot duplicate.

What we are discovering on this trip while exploring these ancient societies seems all very similar to what is starting to happen in our world today as society, science, government and new spirituality is opening up to worlds beyond what we perceive as in our 3D physical world, with major discoveries in quantum physics, UFO disclosure, and vast sharing of experiences through channeling of next level wisdom from beings from other dimensions.

We are also just now gaining access to new technologies that can support our societies in other realities. Or like Atlantis, if we are not careful in our use of them, they may take us down. So this is all very pertinent to our current very powerful and exciting times.

Today we visited the Luxor Temple. It is one of the most beautiful and spectacular temples and 1 of my favorite places. I definitely feel a resonance there, there like I’ve been there before. Luxor was the center of religious life in ancient Thebes. The Temple was believed to be the place where the god Amun, Mut and Khonsu resided. It was the site of many important religious festivals and rituals. At night they light it up which emphasizes the grandeur and the symbolic art and writing that graces the spectacular extremely large multiple columns.

Then we had a 2 Hour drive to Abydos. Abydos is a sacred city and 1 of the most important archaeological sites in Egypt; it’s an area of the royal cenotaphs of the 1st two dynasties and later a pilgrimage center for the workgroup of Osiris. Osiris was the wife of Isis and represented rejuvenation as in the Egyptian methodology he was restored back to life. The pharaohs embellish the temple of Osiris with valuable inscriptions and numerous monuments. This is where Drumvalo Melchizedek discovered the Flower of Life symbol on the walls of the temple of Osiris and popularized it as a spiritual symbol. You will find that in the last photo!

This whole area to me feels familiar. Either it’s past life memory and/or my soul just connects with the spiritual lineage of Egypt. I woke up strongly to this experience, when I came here the 1st time when I was 33, and then again at 60. And now this trip is just deepening my connection and understanding of the spiritual lineage more and more.

I feel like it’s allowing me to bring back the knowledge and spiritual power of those times into this lifetime, especially at this time when the world is either needing to transform to the next level or possibly totally collapse. So very valuable to receive these insights and support the world and us transforming to our next levels.

Much love!
Debra Giusti

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