You are currently viewing Egypt 2023 – DAY 5.1: Dendera – The Temple of Hathor ~ WOW! Definitely the Temple of the Goddess

Egypt 2023 – DAY 5.1: Dendera – The Temple of Hathor ~ WOW! Definitely the Temple of the Goddess

Hathor was honored as the Egyptian Goddess of Love, Fertility, Music and Dancing. She was also regarded as a Goddess of Healing, as evidenced in the sanatorium of the temple complex where pilgrims would come to be cured by the Goddess. There are three temples to experience in the complex:

1) The Birthing Temple in the front

2) The Temple of Isis behind the main temple, and 

3) The spectacular main temple dedicated to Hathor, which is 1 of the most well preserved temples in Egypt with the incredible paintings and art still intact.

Our tour guide Mohammed told us that this Temple revealed the art of healing through vibration and sound as one of its superpowers. He said this art is highly developed in this temple. It is known that the temple utilized music, song and dance to raise the vibration for higher spiritual experience and healing. Also many forms of healing took place guided by the Goddess, as there were numerous healing chambers in the main temple complex.

Hathor is one of the prominent Egyptian Deities, but again, who is she really? Is she a multi-dimensional being? An extraterrestrial? Or do we see her as one of our Ascended Masters who has graduated from the 3D physical world into existing and living in the higher dimensions? In any case, she was highly revered and gave a lot to the Egyptian people.I was ordained as a Priestess of Isis in 2005 at Isis Oasis Retreat Center in Geyserville CA, by Olivia Melian Durdin-Robertson, who was the founder and High Priestess of the international Fellowship of Isis. For the initiation, I was told to take on three Goddesses that I would be aligned with. The first one I chose was Isis, the second was Quan Yin, and the third was Hathor. So even then, when I didn’t truly know who she was, I chose to be aligned with her.

It is therefore not surprising that this Temple felt very familiar to me. I could see in my mind’s eye the high ceremony, the deep ritual and the colorful pageantry. I could also see lush gardens, spectacular fountains, exquisite art, exotic music and dancing, and many women joyfully sharing their beauty, love and healing.

The group went forward to explore some of the crypts below the temple and I went down there just for a moment to see incredible art on the walls, but then I had a strong urge. I wanted to go by myself and find a place just to tune in and see what I could imagine, remember and call in about this place.

So I tried to walk away and not let anyone see me. The guards in the temples never want you lingering in places by yourself, and especially do not allow any ritual or meditation in any of the temples in Egypt. It seems absurd, but this is one reason why the temples are not activated any more.

But I snuck away anyway. I found a small empty healing room and I sat down to meditate. I grounded my energy into the earth and opened up my chakras and my crown to the universe. I called in my Guides and Ascended Master Team to support me with higher vision and guidance. And then I received visions.

I saw myself as a very young girl coming into this Priestess Order to dedicate my life to the Goddess. It was an honor to get accepted, but it was also a complete dedication of my life to the Goddess. From then on, I was part of the Temples. Occasionally I went to other Temples to serve, learn, and teach. I was a member of the Order of Priestesses.pri

Then I saw myself as a Priestess Elder. I saw that I was highly honored by the large community. I had done a lot of good work in my lifetime, and could see that I deserved this honoring at the time of my death. I had a royal priestess burial. I saw how the Egyptian death rituals do support one’s transition gracefully to the higher realms.

I also saw that we were able to create a very high vibration in the Temple, where Hathor would come to us to teach and support. Sometimes she would be channeled by a Priestess, or sometimes if we were able to hold a high vibration, she would actually appear in a light body and transmit to us.

Now this might sound like an awesome spiritual adventure movie or a kooky delusion. I have previously done past life regressions where things came through, clear as a bell. Numerous psychics were often able to confirm what I had seen. At this moment of sharing with you, I have no way to confirm this.

But in the moment, I will just claim this vision and alignment with Hathor with gratitude and honor. My main intent is to allow the wisdom and the knowledge I’m receiving  and remembering from that lifetime into this current lifetime. Bringing the wisdom of the past into the present for the future, is truly one of the main things I came here to do.

Much love!
Debra Giusti

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