The Nature of Reality

with Deepak Chopra

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In Deepak’s mind-bending, spirit-uplifting 6-day course, The Nature of Reality and the Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, you will learn how matter, energy, information and everything we consider reality—from your next thought to the most distant star—is simply a modified form of yourself. When you understand that you are the universe, you unlock the spontaneous fulfillment of all your desires. Let’s go on a philosophical journey that is as delicately intangible and yet as deeply practical as your next breath.
“The essential nature of the physical world is that it’s not physical. The essential nature of the material world is that it’s not a material. Nothing is the source of everything, and so what is the nature of this nothingness? Is it an empty void or is it the womb of creation? Does nature go to the same place to create a galaxy of stars, a cluster of nebulous, a rainforest, a rabbit, a human body, a thought? What is this nothingness from where we all come? This is what we’re going to explore as we try and figure out the nature of fundamental reality.”
–Deepak Chopra