I’ll Start Tomorrow. Or Monday. Or Maybe After.
If you could receive a list of every opportunity you’ve missed, waiting for ‘the right moment,’ instead of creating it, would you want to see it? How about every self-sabotaging thought you’ve let deprive you of greatness?
Life can be tricky to navigate. No one denies that, certainly not me. But are you avoiding wrong decisions, or all them, including the right ones? Are you living with purpose, or are you a boat, drifting, lost at sea, unable to see paradise just on the horizon?
What It Means to Meet Your Higher Self
Raising your vibration, silencing your internal saboteur, and turning negative thoughts into positive ones is such a small part of getting in touch with your Higher Self. While the emotional and mental aspects are crucial, the body is just as important. It is not enough to realize your purpose and potential – you have to fill your physical self with that purpose and potential, and use this as fuel to live and create limitlessly!
Find that perfect stillness that keeps you moving, increases self-belief, and attracts better outcomes regardless of how challenging the situation.
You Want Answers. So Did I. Let Me Help You Find Yours.
The profound nature of the tools we teach at NexusHealing lies in their simplicity. The sentiment we see most in testimonials is frustration at having waited years to start living a meaningful life.
Through the Meet Your Higher Self video training, I’ll share how to:
  • Access advanced techniques for whole-brain activation 
  • Unlock a proven path to your FULL potential and TRUE self
  • Get answers to even the most difficult personal questions you struggle with
  • And so much more!
Due to current circumstances, we’re offering a 50% discount on all sign-ups to help make this decision a no brainer. This is so we can keep the site running and continue to make meaningful changes in your life and the lives of others.
Your Higher Self awaits. I hope you’ll be there to greet them.
Best wishes,
I am doing group healing sessions twice a week on some essential topics. Since most of my clients were asking for help with the same things, these are the topics that we will be going over: Self Love, Confidence/Self Belief, Health, Money, Soulful Relationships, and Stress. 
In a group session, I look into everyone’s subconscious mind on the call to remove any non-truths and replace them with truths. Doing this is the definition of healing and is how you create lasting change in any of these areas. 
I wanted to make them very accessible, so they are only $5. If this sounds like something you are interested in, join us and integrate some profound and healing truths.
Hi, I’m Benjamin
I’ve figuratively gone to hell and back trying to find the source of all my life’s pain. It has taken me many years, but I have finally found something that changes everything. What I’ve discovered is how to remove issues at their root. If you’re ready to learn this, it’s time to make a real difference in your life. Recently, I really took an interest in helping the world through the current chaos by teaching people how to find their truth. In finding your truth, they can remove all the obstacles in life and really create from a space of pure possibility.