Reclaim Your Magical Child & Become the Shaman of Your Soul

with Robert Moss

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Free Online Event With Bestselling Author & Dream Shaman Robert Moss
Reconnect with your playful, creative, dreaming Self in the most powerful Imaginal Realm… the place between sleep and awake.
Become the Shaman of Your Soul — fold time, scout out future challenges and opportunities, and heal the past.
When was the last time you laughed so hard that you cried… pulled your car over to watch a harvest moonrise… or danced with a friend in the rain?
Is there a painting, book, or song inside you, waiting to be created… an authentic expression of you… stifled by busyness, excuses — or maybe you’re not even aware it’s there?
If you’re like many of us, you’ve lost the spontaneous, imaginative, unplugged part of you to early wounding, trauma, or the cynicism and daily grind of the adult world.
Well, your Magical Child within has a story to tell you…
It’s the bigger story of your life, which your soul has been carefully holding for you to discover and step into…
… a life that just might take you out of your comfort zone, yet would bring you great joy, and allow your unique gifts to be realized and shared with the world.
Yet how do you reconnect with the lost childlike parts of yourself — that awe, wonder, imagination, and spontaneity that opens you to what truly delights, soothes, and fulfills you?
In this enchanting hour with bestselling author and world-renowned dream shaman Robert Moss, you’ll discover exciting ways to re-open the door that leads to the Magical Child within you…
… allowing you to welcome in playfulness, unbridled creativity, and the liberating abandon that — when allowed in — feels like “home.”
Robert will show you how your Magical Child can be reached across time and space… including in liminal states of awareness known as hypnagogic moments — between sleep and waking. You may have already glimpsed her in these magical moments… in dreamscapes and images.
Or, she can be encountered through Active Dreaming, Robert’s signature practice of “dreaming” while awake, a powerful synthesis of ancient shamanic journeying and modern dream science, inspired by spiritual traditions from around the world.
Robert will show you how this “master imagineer” — the Magical Child we all have within us — offers new images to live and play by, speaks the language of synchronicities, and holds the key to your soul.