Egyptian Mysteries & Hermetic Wisdom

with Tricia McCannon

Sun. Sep 8, 12:00pm – 3:00pm PDT
Replay Available
Online Webinar

Egypt has long been the Motherland of the Mysteries. Even today, some 5000 years later, Egypt still calls to us, because she was a civilization steeped in esoteric knowledge.

In this amazing presentation, Tricia McCannon, Egyptian spiritual initiate and teacher, takes you into the deeper secrets behind the great spiritual Mystery Schools, and reawakens memory of what they once taught within the Mystery Schools.
In this amazing presentation you will learn:
– The True Purpose of the great Mystery Schools of Egypt
– The Meaning of the Quest for the Philosopher’s Stone
– How Initiates Learned to Move from the Mundane World into the Higher Realms
– The Meaning of the Two Pillars of Knowledge
– How These Designs Are Repeated in St. Peter’s Basilica and King Solomon’s Temple
– How They are Found in Masonic Temples and Ancient World Architecture
– How Egyptian Wisdom Is Found in the Hebrew Kabbalah 
– How Egyptian Hermetics Is Encoded in the Symbolism of the Philosopher’s Stone
– The Hidden Temple of Initiation Beneath the Sphinx and Great Pyramid
– The Deeper Meaning of the Egyptian Crook and Flail or Chi Rho 
– How It Predicts the Crossing of Our Galactic Equator and the Shift of the Ages
– How Egyptian Symbolism is Directly Tied to Predictions of the Coming Age of Aquarius
– How Astrology was Created as a Roadmap for the Soul’s Initiation