Scalar Energy ~ 2 Offers

with Tom Paladino Tom is the foremost authority on scalar energy phenomenon, and he hosts a weekly LIVE Q & A session so you can ask questions and learn more about the secrets of the universe and scalar science that has been hidden from the history books. He also offers a 15-day trial to anyone interested to experience the benefits of his Scalar Light Standardized program. A TRINITY of sessions for energetic wellness. Tom is offering two free opportunities to experience Scalar for yourself!

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Welcome to the Rainbow Ascension Key! The Ultimate Photon Pendant

Holodynamic Trinity! A new energy efficiency paradigm discovery - the Photon Pendant! It is my firm belief with my invention; we can readjust this and bring health and consciousness. When dormant cells begin to communicate again, we have intracellular communication established; hence we are talking intra-scalar communication. I have created a device and made it available to you that is solar-based, Scalar Fractal Capacitor Module, non-linear, non-local, self-regulated, with a built-in adaptive resonant life process to bring you health at a level that was unachievable before my photon pendant. I invite you to try the Ultimate Photon Pendant to assist in your efforts of exceptional health and to ascend!

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SAND19: Science and Nonduality Conference

Wed. Oct 23 - Sun. Oct 27 Use our 10% off Promo Codes From Quarks to Love Join one of the TOP Consciousness Conferences in the nation where over 170 leading scientists, philosophers, and spiritual teachers gather to explore a new understanding of who we really are, both as individuals and as a society. See speakers below.

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Reuniting Science & Spirituality Summit

Have you experienced the body’s awesome ability to self-heal — through energy medicine, ancestral healing, spiritual practices, and more? Do you marvel at science’s ability to achieve the impossible? Science is evidence-based knowledge, while spirituality is experienced as inner knowing and consciousness… … yet, accelerated healing is possible when they’re brought together. Together, these two wisdom streams form one powerful river of knowledge and possibilities for healing.

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