Reuniting Science & Spirituality Summit

Discover New Paradigms in Consciousness and Healing

Tue. Jul 23 – Mon. Aug 5
Free Online Event
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Discover During 30 Illuminating Sessions The Latest Evidence-based Science & Leading-Edge Holistic Techniques to Heal Yourself and Others
Hosted by: Dr Shamini Jain Speakers: Kelly Turner PhD, Dr Lorenzo Cohen, Sue Morter, Alison Jefferies, Dr Melinda Connor, Nonty Charity Sabic and many more!
Have you experienced the body’s awesome ability to self-heal — through energy medicine, ancestral healing, spiritual practices, and more?
Do you marvel at science’s ability to achieve the impossible?
Science is evidence-based knowledge, while spirituality is experienced as inner knowing and consciousness…
… yet, accelerated healing is possible when they’re brought together.
Together, these two wisdom streams form one powerful river of knowledge and possibilities for healing.
Scientists, energy medicine experts, medical doctors, and pioneers in consciousness are now reuniting science and spirituality.
Rigorous, published scientific research in biofield healing approaches have shown effects in reducing PTSD, improving immune function, and even shrinking cancer tumors.
Ancient wisdom has shown for thousands of years that the body-mind is actually increasingly dynamic — and that our state of consciousness can modify our health, instantaneously.
And new discoveries in both science and the field of consciousness are inspiring awe and hope for deeper levels of healing — personally and collectively.
For example, consciousness-raising practices can dramatically shift your health, neurobiology, and even the genes that affect your lifespan.
Now you can join a global gathering of pioneers in evolutionary consciousness — including scientists, healers, physicians, researchers, and inspiring spiritual teachers who will share a powerful synthesis of inner and outer knowledge that promises to shift your consciousness, reveal leading-edge research and practices, and unlock your innate capacity to heal body, mind, and spirit.