Discover the 9 Empath Types & Deepen Your Intuitive Healing Powers

with Judith Orloff, MD

Wed. Oct 21, 5:30pm PT
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Free Online Event with New York Times Bestselling Author, Psychiatrist, Empath, Intuitive Healer & “Godmother of the Empath Movement” Judith Orloff, MD
Your Intuitive Guidance System for Healthy Boundaries & Empowered Resilience
Discover common obstacles to tuning in to your full intuitive power — so you can gain greater inner peace and more energy, and expand your vision for your life.
At this pivotal point in history, empaths and sensitive souls are leaning even more deeply into their intuition… 
You’re being called on to be more resilient than ever before, and to deepen your healing skills.
This starts with learning about the different types of empaths (for instance, intuitive empaths, animal empaths, dream empaths, and earth empaths) and discovering which type sounds most like you.
Knowing your type helps you improve your intuitive reading skills, and enables you to maximize and heal the more challenging parts of your intuition…
As an empath, you were born with a personal guidance system to navigate these times with resilience and faith — but this only happens when you’re devoted to strengthening your intuition, and when you understand how to deal with common obstacles, including taking on the energy of others.
Because of the profound empathy and loving nature of empaths, one of the most prominent traps you encounter are toxic relationships.
In a new 60-minute event with Dr. Judith Orloff, you’ll discover how to identify the toxic relationships in your life and see through their manipulations so you can protect your energetic and emotional boundaries.
It’s crucial for empaths like you to tap into your intuition to discern positive people from what Dr. Orloff calls drainers — including the dreaded narcissists.
You’ll discover how to stop squandering years trying to “fix” or change others. Dr. Orloff will help you explore how intuition lets you see clearly into charming manipulators so you can eliminate them from your life — or if that isn’t possible, to cope with them in practical and realistic ways.
She’ll share how to avoid their emotional contagion of fear and negativity so they don’t stop you from embracing your full intuitive power as you absorb their stress.
You can then move your life forward in important ways that keep you in touch with your purpose, vitality, and inner flow.
As an empowered empath, you’ll embody confidence as you trust and act on the wise answers that come from within…
Your profound gifts can fully awaken when you trust your own intuitive abilities and allow them to guide your life.
The skills you’ll learn during this powerful hour will empower you to know yourself better as you discover your type — and choose healthy, loving relationships with others who can reciprocate the love and care you share so freely.
In this 60-minute free online event, you’ll explore:
  • The 9 types of empaths — and how to identify YOUR type and the ways it connects you to your intuition
  • The importance of heightened boundaries for empaths — and how this helps you read other people with greater clarity
  • How to see through the superficial charms of a narcissist or other toxic individual — especially if you’re an emotional, intuitive, or physical empath
  • Dr. Orloff’s personal process for reading others and thriving as an empath
  • A guided meditation to help you identify your instinctive form of intuition
You’ll also hear about a chance to work more deeply with Dr. Orloff in a new 12-week course — to take your process of intuitive healing to the next level by deepening and strengthening your foundation. You’ll develop a stronger, deeper connection to your own intuition, empathic gifts, and ability to read others.