Finding Freedom as an Empath

with Tree Franklyn
4 Stages of Emotional Awakening for Sensitive Souls

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Experience an easy practice that transforms painful feelings into powerful energies — to enjoy a freer, happier, fuller life.
Understand your sensitive soul, identify the patterns holding you back, and experience your sensitivities as the amazing gifts they are.
Empaths feel deeply and strongly — and you know if you’re one of these sensitive souls…
Your emotions can easily overwhelm you — maybe even for days — and you can sometimes even feel others’ emotions as if they’re your own.
You’re often drained energetically… or feel that your life is a constant struggle, as you may be more prone to anxiety and depression… with your strong feelings a deterrent to living your life freely, fully, and joyfully.
You might even suffer the added “hit” of others labeling you “oversensitive,” or accusing you of “feeling too much” or taking things “too personally.”
Yet, this doesn’t have to be your fate… In fact, you can learn to transmute your overpowering and uncomfortable feelings into potent energies to be used for “good.”
In this powerful hour with bestselling author, coach, and self-proclaimed sensitive soul Tree Franklyn, you’ll discover an easy 4-step process to help you identify your difficult emotions, understand them as energies, and allow them to flow through, and even strengthen, you — so you can experience your sensitive soul as the amazing gift it truly is.