Ever thought you were all alone wanting to explore and talk about ET existence, researching “conspiracy theories,” keeping an open mind with what’s going on in global politics, and not just accepting the Main-Stream Media Nonsense? 
Well, you’re in the right place! Conscious Vitality is a community of #LightWarriors just like YOU! Who have found a place where they can learn and grow together! Making friends and going deeper down the rabbit hole! 

Conscious Vitality features LIVE Weekly Q&A shows

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You are not alone. You’re here for a reason.
A Message from Conscious Vitality
Co-Founder Erai Beckmann
Hope you’re well. My wife and I created Conscious Vitality earlier this year in March, 2020, right during the pandemic. We were BIG fans of the GAIA network, BUT thought it would be way more fun and engaging if we could interview “Cosmic Disclosure” and other personalities LIVE and ask them questions real time! Turns out other people liked the idea and we’ve since created one of the world’s fastest growing online private (un-censored) communities focused on exploring the un-known with an open mind. As a community each of us get to ask whatever questions we have to each of the special guests we have on. As a community each of us no longer have to feel like we’re on our own exploring this information. We share resources, learn and evolve together. Conscious Vitality has now evolved into a Conscious Media Network with multiple LIVE shows happening weekly. And other shows being produced and shared exclusively with our community. Recently we hosted “The Great Awakening Summit” and have all the replays from that event in the backend of our members site to watch as well. 
We believe you’re here for a reason. If the Conscious Vitality community sounds like one you’ve been waiting for we’d be happy to have you. Start Your FREE Trial Today!
Erai Beckmann