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Alien Worlds: Hybrids and Giants

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Knievel's Quest: BigFoot

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Secret Societies: Controlling the Masses

Alien Worlds: Hybrids and Giants
70 minutes
Explore evidence of colossal, biblical Giants that once towered over man in a mysterious realm of our ancient past that is far stranger than any fiction.
Take a trip around the world to famous ancient sites, burial mounds and the haunts of these ancient enigmatic figures that towered over man.
Knievel’s Quest: BigFoot
1 hour 32 minutes
Join Kaptain Robbie Knievel and James “Bobo” Faye of Finding Bigfoot as they journey into the heart of Bigfoot Mecca – Willow Creek, CA, where in
1967, the most famous Bigfoot film in history was shot. Explore this undeniably awesome Bigfoot habitat and recent Sasquatch encounters.
Secret Societies: Controlling the Masses
70 minutes with Special Features
From the dawn of mankind there have been groups with the power and intent to manipulate the masses to their end game of dominance over all humanity.
Now we can all fight back, it’s time to get empowered and fight for our rights and the future, one free of influences from those with an agenda.
“Highly compelling and well researched.Highly compelling and well researched.” 
– OH Krill, author of Montauk Babies
“The Omnipotence of the Masters of Time and Space Revealed.” 
– Philip Gardiner, best selling author of “The Serpent Grail”